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In Your Dreams is a surrealist's dream

New Millennium Place exhibit runs until Dec. 15

Yeah, look; ARTrageous is out of commission for 2011. It's a sad thing and the Cornucopia weekend won't be the same without it. Yes, yes.

But, look! See! At least there's the In Your Dreams ART SHOW, which will fill the void... somewhat.

"We're not supposed to combine the two because we don't want people to get confused," says Andre Mueller, visual arts programmer for the Whistler Arts Council (WAC). "This is definitely not ARTrageous, but because we didn't have the funding (for ARTrageous) we still wanted to say, 'Hey, we're celebrating the arts.'"

What they have now is a collection of surrealist paintings, photography, glasswork and installations by the most imaginative artists working in the Sea to Sky.

The point of In Your Dreams is to celebrate the arts as a whole but, as it happens, the exhibit is a de facto celebration of Sea to Sky artists. All but two of the artists featured here live in Squamish, Whistler or Pemberton, including favourites Chili Thom, Dave Petko, Julie Edwards, Kevin Su, Lani Imre, Laurel Terlesky, Lisa Geddes, Taka Sudo and Vanessa Stark, among others.

Miyuki, a Gibsons-based glass artist and Larissa Blokhuis, based in Vancouver, will also have their work on display.

Mueller says the theme was picked as a way to include as many people as possible. The nature of the theme means it's open to many different interpretations, as opposed to other theme shows they've done in the past. A landscape show will only attract landscape artists and so on.

"I was looking for a theme that was really diverse so that a majority of people could participate in it. In Your Dreams is really open," she says. "You can fit pretty much into (a theme like) In Your Dreams, because you can't say who dreams what."

To celebrate the work and the arts, the WAC is throwing the ART NIGHT, which despite what Andrea Mueller says, is the official ARTrageous substitute. How can it not be? It's held only a week after ARTrageous was supposed to be, and tackles much of the same concepts that ARTrageous did: arts and crafts, photo opportunities and live music. It's ARTrageous in a smaller venue.

The event will be held on Nov. 17 at Millennium Place, with entry by donation. Man with a Movie Camera , the experimental silent documentary film shot by Russian director Dziga Vertov will be shown in the theatre, with a soundtrack by the Cinematic Orchestra. Oh, and there will be food provided by Whistler Cooks.

The In Your Dreams exhibit runs now until December 15 th .