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In your face hip hop

Brampton’s Harpoon Missile hits town Who: Harpoon Missile When: April 12, 3- 6 p.m.

Brampton’s Harpoon Missile hits town

Who: Harpoon Missile

When: April 12, 3- 6 p.m. at WSSF mainstage

When: April 12 (evening) at Garfinkel’s

Harpoon Missile is loud, in your face hip hop music with a show, and MC Harpoon wants to get the message out.

Harpoon took a moment to describe their sound.

"There’s a lot of messages behind the music. Some people misinterpret those messages, but it is hip hop music, and I’m trying to look for my own world."

The Brampton trio includes producer Rahmel, and Warchild, whose kung-fu stage antics and other performances antics liven up the Harpoon formula. They bring an "adrenalized sound with hip-hop influences" to the stage.

Zesty energy that is transmitted to an audience, is Harpoon Missile’s aim.

"What I want to deliver at our shows is that hair-raising ‘Holy Crow’ attitude from the audience," says Harpoon.

It’s not always easy to tell whether the crowd is understanding the sound.

"Sometimes when we perform in places like Toronto people are a little blown away, they don’t know what to make of the show, but they tell us they like it," says Harpoon.

Their debut album, Boy Interrupted, features the single I Try. Muchmusic quickly picked up the video for the single, shot in and around the Toronto area.

Harpoon Missile performed at Canadian Music Week last month in Toronto, and found the response from record label reps and fans was good.

"Warchild’s out there doing kung-fu kicks, and our music is fired up, a little Red Hot Chili Peppers in style," he laughs. "Some people just want to eat pasta, but some want to eat jerk chicken, you know what I’m saying?"

Success for Harpoon would mean being able to bring the full back-up band on tour. But success also means keeping the music the way it was originally intended.

"A lot of artists can sell just from the TV, but when they perform it may sound like something different. We’re trying to be true to our formula."

The lineup at the Garf’s show also includes Choclair, Baby Blue Soundcrew, and Bishop, Toronto’s freestyle champion. The four musical acts present a finale act together at the end of the evening.

How would Harpoon sum up their show?

"One spicey performance!"