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LUNA to screen Darko at Rainbow

Forgive the tediousness of the opening.

What: Lunafliks - Donnie Darko

Where: Rainbow Park

When: Thursday, Aug. 19

Tickets: $2/$4

Rainbow Park. Rainbow Park. Rainbow Park.

Forgive the tediousness of the opening. It’s just that summer outdoor movies in Whistler have become synonymous with Lost Lake Park, therefore, the folks at LUNA would like to stress that their next Lunaflik – the 2001 cult film Donnie Darko – will screen at RAINBOW PARK on Thursday night.

That’s Rainbow Park for those of you that got here late. Parc Arc-En-Ciel pour les Quebecoises.

The choice of Donnie Darko is a gutsy move. A trippy mindbender of a film, it jumps from past to present to future and features apocalyptic prophesies, demonic bunny rabbits and a high-school student trying his best to deal with the whole thing.

The film’s rated R – not the best choice for the kids. But as LUNA regulars are well aware, the Lunafliks aren’t for kids but for young adults, specifically those between the ages of 18 and 29. The program is an initiative of Whistler Community Services to provide Late and Unique Nighttime Alternatives to a demographic that might otherwise be heading off to the bar, getting drunk and noisy and inadvertently wrecking stuff in our fair village. Naturally, all Lunafliks are alcohol free events.

The film screens at dusk (approximately 10 p.m.). DJs Phroh and D-TEL will be spinning reggae tracks as of 9 p.m. Pemberton photographer Lorne Warburton will screen a slideshow of images from his recent trip to Asia at 9:45 p.m. It’s an outdoor venue so bring seating and dress appropriately.

WAVE will run a shuttle from the Gondola Exchange before and after the film for $1.50 each way. Tickets are $2 for LUNA members, $4 for non-members.

The film will be cancelled or moved in the event of bad weather. Call the LUNA hotline at 604-902-0769 for updates.