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One for the road

Whistler videographer Andi Wardrop helps Eryn Robertson makes a dreamy on-the-road video
Tripping Musician Eryn Robertson stars in the video for her new single 'All the While,' which was made by Whistler videomaker Andi Wardrop. PHOTO submitted

When Vancouver singer-songwriter Eryn Robertson wanted to make a video for her new single "All the While," she wanted a Sea-to-Sky, on-the-road feel.

She brought in Whistler filmmaker and videographer Andi Wardrop to make it happen. The pair set "All the While" on the road, biking from Hope to Squamish.

Robertson explains: "In the video, I am searching for a sense of freedom and I meet a drifter on the open road who gives me that. It captures a moment in time that we share, and it doesn't last forever, but it's so beautiful that you want it to."

Songwriting from an early age, after formally studying music, Robertson started writing her own songs. "All the While" is part of Robertson's eponymous EP is her first and was released late December.

"I've been writing for a while. Going into it, I had a lot of songs that I wanted to record; I wanted to show who I am as an artist. One of the songs is very pop-indie rock about overcoming that need to have someone to complete you," she says.

"'All the While' is a more vulnerable, intimate song; the third single is more uplifting and really folky. All three are really about wearing my heart on my sleeve."

The song has already been featured on Mountain FM and Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM in Vancouver.

The road trip was supposed to take them to Merritt but the weather scuppered it; instead, they drove back roads and found incredible mountain views, old gas stations and vintage B.C. The video has a dreamy, sepia, 1970s look.

"I've been posting performance videos on my YouTube channel for a while, but this is the first song video and I'm really excited about it," Robertson says.

It became a two-women-and-one-man project, with actor and Lords of Gastown clothing-line owner Nik Dean as Robertson's road buddy, a "bad-boy with heart."

"I made the video because I really wanted to play out the vision I had that I had in my head," Robertson says.

Wardrop says she loved shooting in the Sea to Sky region. They shot "everywhere" between Squamish, Whistler and into Hope.

She has worked as a videographer in Whistler for four years.

"Eryn and I worked together for six months on it, which is cool because a lot of my work takes only a few weeks. We could create a vision we both really love," Wardrop says.

"We had clear communications. As an artist, she is particular about her music and she was the same way in making the video."

Robertson adds: "I came across Andi's video work and I immediately knew she was the person to do this. She really knows how to make something beautiful. She knows how to tell a story that will captivate you visually. It was rough around the edges, but real and it felt like you could be in it."

It's about the little moments people want to hold onto in life, the reason people take photos or make scrapbooks.

"The song is about all the things that you want to say to someone in a moment, but you are afraid to," Robertson says.

"It's a dark, romantic love letter of loss. When you lose someone that important to you, you're losing your sense of home."

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