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Spin 2 Win: revamped

A local club's new competition has created quite a stir with up-and-coming local DJs.

A local club's new competition has created quite a stir with up-and-coming local DJs. Moe Joe's launched Spin to Win, a weekly DJ contest, over six weeks ago, calling on local DJs to come out on Monday nights and compete head-to-head to secure a spot as the club's new Monday night resident DJ.

While the DJs turned out in droves there proved to be a few minor hiccups with the competition. Initially, the winners were to be decided by audience response, but the competition soon turned into a popularity contest with DJs bringing as many friends out as possible to stack the cards in their favour.

So Moe Joe's management decided to introduce a panel of credible judges to decide the winner based on track selection, skill, creativity, stage presence and audience response.
The next issue, of course, was judging DJs who were playing such a wide range of musical styles. To solve this problem, organizers decided to adopt the same competition format as the Redbull 3Style event, which asks DJs to deliver a 15-minute performance that incorporates three genres.

Now that they've worked some of the kinks out of the competition, Moe Joe's has just relaunched their search with a brand-new format. Starting Monday, Mar. 2 and running for seven weeks, four DJs will compete each evening to land a spot in the finals, which will take place during the Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival. Spin 2 Win is now supported by Redbull and will feature sets from world-class celebrity DJs who will also act as judges during the final competition. The winner of the relaunched Spin 2 Win will not only land a summertime residency at Moe Joe's, but a chance to play the Vancouver spot of next year's Redbull 3Style tour.

Any DJ who took part in the original Spin 2 Win competition is invited to participate in the new competition. For more information, or to register, email or