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Still glowing

Dayglo Abortions headline hard-core punk show

What: Punk Show

When: Thursday, July 6

Where: Merlin’s

Dayglo Abortions return to Whistler for a Thursday-night Punk Show July 6 at Merlin’s with fellow punkers Sip Yek Nom and Slush.

Canada’s most offensive punk metal band, Dayglo Abortions, has screamed obscenities for more than 28 years.

While some of the band’s lyrical content may appear more fantastical than plausible, with mom satisfying her thirst with a bag of urine in the song I Killed Mommy, Jesus Bonehead of Dayglo Abortions swears non-fiction is sometimes stranger than fiction. From parent killing and rape to masturbation and recreational drugs, Dayglo Abortions cover the underbelly of life.

"These are the day to day things that go on in our lives," he said. "People read too much between the lines. They dedicated section 162.3 of the Criminal Code to us. They don’t see the tongue and cheek of our music. If you know us, it’s not that shocking. It’s just the way we talk and think. Doesn’t anybody else’s shit stink? I can’t believe anyone would take our music that seriously."

While rebellious, band members aren’t young punks, with founding members Bonehead and The Cretin (otherwise referred to as a hand gesture) cresting their mid-40s. But, they just keep going and going. Not out of choice, but demand.

"We thought (our album) Holy Shitte! Would be the last one," Bonehead said. "Sometimes you’ve got to put the baby to bed, but everywhere we go, they don’t want us to end and they say we can’t give up. I guess we are not."

The hard working band has toured the world, turning out eight-full length albums over the years.

Dayglo Abortions have kept company with Vancouver’s Sip Yek Nom on many stages. The former Okanagan natives tout a few albums under their guitar strings, including their self-titled debut album, Blah Ditty Blah Ditty Ditty Blah Blah and Pickled Punks . Sip Yek Nom promises to deliver the "most intense fucked up creepy original punk rock metal ever". The punk rockers have also toured with the likes of SNFU and The Casualties.

Whistler’s Slush rounds out the evening with its melodic punk, drawing from eight albums of music for the show. The hardcore, pop punk band draws inspiration from the sounds of Pulley, Rise Against and Propagandhi.

Doors open at 9 p.m.