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Local Arts

Jive talking non-stop party

WHO: Jive, with guests Q WHERE: Garibaldi Lift Company WHEN: Saturday, Jan.

Dance academy proposed

If you want to improve your skiing, take up dance training. This may be a quantum leap in some peoples’ imaginations but to local choreographer and dancer, Trina Eby, it makes perfect sense.

The Rules

Liquor Branch spells out enforcement strategy Gray areas in liquor laws become more black and white with new terms and conditions In the past, the liquor industry in B.C. has been largely self-regulating.

Singer says she has entered the best phase of her musical career

WHO: Bif Naked with guests Gob and LiveonRelease WHERE: Whistler Conference Centre WHEN: Friday, Jan. 19. COST: $22.

Justice, fiction and Canada

Darryl Hopkins was a mild-mannered guy. As mild-mannered as anyone who’d spent two tours of duty – one with Special Forces – in the quagmire of Vietnam could be.

The Naked Truth

Exotic entertainment may not be right for new Whistler A new bylaw and provincial liquor law could change the way we look at public nudity — literally.

Disturb the equilibrium

New York trio takes underground hip hop in a new direction WHO: The Anti-Pop Consortium WHERE: Garfinkel’s WHEN: Wednesday, Jan.

Maxed out -In the sober light of the new year

I think it was one of those sage eastern philosophers – Confucius, or maybe his brother – who said, "Never strike back in anger.

New Zagat Survey published

The answer to the age old question of "where to eat?" was recently updated with the publishing of the Zagat Survey 2000/2001 Vancouver Restaurant Guide.

Maestro's message getting through

(these eyes) seen a lot of shame in the game (these eyes) seen a lot of pain with the fame (these eyes) seen a lot of highs and lows, but that's just the way life goes (these eyes) seen my name written in lights (these eyes) I seen a lot of things in