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Whistler BizBeat: Mountain Mom Strong

Pique’s new series profiling local businesses and their employees who go above and beyond
Sara Niblock of Mountain Mom Strong.

Welcome to BizBeat, Pique’s newest web series profiling Whistler businesses and their employees who go above and beyond.

Each week, we will profile another resort employer and one of their staff, who have each agreed to answer the same questionnaire that has been sent to businesses and employees across the community.

This week it's Mountain Mom Strong, a postpartum fitness program with a restorative approach. We catch up with founder Sara Niblock, who, as (mostly) a one-woman operation, has agreed to answer both the business and worker questionnaires (the latter of which will go online tomorrow). 

The following interview has been lightly edited for grammar and clarity. 

Pique: Describe your business and the products/services it provides, as well as when it launched.

I launched Mountain Mom Strong in the fall of 2020 with the goal of empowering women to take charge of their postpartum journey. We understand the challenges new moms face, which is why we've designed programs that build physical and mental strength, so you can feel confident navigating your postpartum journey and get back to the activities you love.

Our signature program, The Mountain Mom Strong 12-week program, is designed with the outdoor woman in mind and is available as an in-person group program starting April 13th at the Meadow Park Sport Centre or a self-paced online program that you can start anytime.

The program is all about taking a restorative approach to postpartum fitness. It's a journey that helps you reconnect with your body after giving birth, focusing on correcting dysfunction, restoring your pelvic floor/core, and progressively increasing load and intensity as you regain strength in your entire body. By learning to move with intention, you'll develop a deeper understanding of your body and its needs.

Our goal is to help women of all athletic backgrounds graduate from the program with a functional core and a strong foundation. You'll be ready to keep building strength and take on life as a new mom, while returning to your favourite sports and activities with confidence. We're proud of the impact Mountain Mom Strong has already had and look forward to helping more women take charge of their postpartum journey.

What do you like the most about doing business in Whistler?

I love our community and how many people prioritize their health. It's a privilege to be able to make a difference in the lives of new moms, helping them reclaim their pre-baby fitness levels and join in on the active lifestyle they cherish. Not only do we get to work together to achieve their goals, but we also get to inspire their families and show them the joys of living an active life. Seeing the positive impact of our work on the community makes me truly love what I do.

What do you like the least about doing business in Whistler? 

Running a small business is time-consuming. Finding the right balance between growing my business, spending time with my family and enjoying the outdoor activities available in my area can be challenging.

If you were mayor for a day, what single policy would you implement in Whistler to best support local businesses? 

Although this may not have a direct impact on my business operations, offering free parking for local residents has the potential to drive more traffic to nearby businesses. Implementing a time limit for free parking at parks ensures adequate turnover while still providing convenience for new moms who may have difficulty transporting all their necessary gear by bike. As a business owner, I recognize the importance of supporting local initiatives that promote community engagement and benefit the surrounding area.

What’s a memorable moment or customer from your time doing business in Whistler?

Last spring, I had the pleasure of welcoming a group of new moms to my program who quickly formed a strong bond and became the best of friends. A year later, they continue to work out together, hike, ski, and are now preparing for a biking adventure. Witnessing the growth of their supportive friendship and the sense of community they've developed is truly inspiring.

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