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Another adorable black bear cub sighting in Whistler (VIDEO)

If you've strolled along the Valley Trail recently, you're probably already aware that Whistler's black bears are back in full force.

The fuzzy four-legged residents have been spotted all around town this spring, including an adult bear and her three tiny cubs that made headlines earlier this month after one cub's struggle to make it over a highway barrier was caught on video

It's safe to assume that the same adorable family was spotted again, this time foraging on a roadside in one of Whistler's residential neighbourhoods on Saturday, May 15. 

Pique reader Karina Cardozo submitted this footage that shows the trio of little cubs and their mom snacking on some greens before scampering off into the bushes. 

Locals should take this video as a reminder to brush up on their bear-smart behaviour as summer ramps up. Just last week, the Resort Municipality of Whistler issued a bear alert after the Conservation Officer Service received reports of a black bear entering numerous vehicles in the Lakeshore Drive area of Emerald Estates.

If you are lucky enough to spot a bear from your vehicle, remember that drivers are not advised to pull over and stop on the side of the road to view, take photos or feed wildlife. Those who do could be subject to a fine under the BC Wildlife Act.