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Bear sow and cubs spotted accessing second-floor patios in Cheakamus

Residents in the area urged to manage attractants such as birdfeeders and barbecues
A black bear sow and three cubs have been recently spotted climbing second-floor decks in Cheakamus to obtain food, according to the COS.

The Conservation Officer Service (COS) is urging residents in the area of Cheakamus Crossing to manage their attractants after a family of black bears was spotted climbing to second-floor patios to obtain food.

According to the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW), the COS has received recent reports of the sow and three cubs “climbing to reach second-floor decks to access hummingbird feeders and BBQs” in the southerly neighbourhood.

“It is crucial attractants are managed correctly on all levels of properties, as bears are very agile climbers with a great sense of smell,” the municipality went on in its social media post. “Garbage must not be stored on decks, bird and hummingbird feeders must not be accessible and BBQs, including grease traps, must be properly cleaned.”

It has been a relatively busy spring so far for conservation officers. On April 22, COs shot and killed an old, emaciated bear in front of a group of onlookers by the village day lots, after the animal had showed increasing signs of distress and aggressive behaviour in the weeks prior.

The COS discovered a dead subadult bear last month in the Cheakamus area that appeared to not have gotten enough food heading into hibernation.

Whistler has also seen heightened coyote activity this spring, with more reports than usual for this time of year. The public is urged to keep small pets indoors or on-leash.