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Driver injured after hitting horse on Highway 99 outside Pemberton

The horse was not located in the area and is believed to have walked off from the scene
Highway 99 through Pemberton at Portage Road, looking west.

A driver was injured after hitting a horse on Highway 99 on Monday, Nov. 20. The crash happened just outside Pemberton near Lilloet River Bridge. The driver was transported to a local clinic to be assessed. The horse is believed to have walked away from the scene of the collision, according to local RCMP, who investigated the crash.

“I can confirm that there was another horse hit near Lillooet River Bridge on Monday morning,” said Cpl. James Gilmour. “There were minor injuries to the driver who was transported to the clinic to be checked over. The horse was not located in the area and is believed to have walked off on its own.”

Last month, two horses were confirmed dead after a crash on Highway 99 in the early hours of Thurs, Oct. 12. That incident occurred near North Arm Farm.

The RCMP previously warned locals to take care on that stretch of road as winter arrives.

Cst. Michael Sullivan urged people to slow down and stay alert.

“The road is very dangerous, especially when it comes into winter time, with fog rolling in,” he said. “It gets icy. These horses are dark and they’re very difficult to see. We do a see a lot of people driving faster than they should. We would encourage people to slow down."

Check back with Pique in the coming weeks for an in-depth look at the horses around Pemberton.