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Photos: The cheapest homes for sale in the Sea to Sky

The Sea to Sky remains one of the highest priced regions in the province this month

Whistler and the more expansive Sea to Sky region are known for a few things—beautiful, striking mountains; the best ski resort in North America; and, of course, costly real estate

Finding a good deal for housing is a challenge across British Columbia, as property prices have soared to record-setting heights across the province. Yet a few more affordable properties remain in the Sea to Sky. 

This is a list of some of the most affordable (relatively speaking) properties for sale in the Sea to Sky and wider region this month. 


9 - 2101 Whistler Road 

The most affordable non-hotel strata residence for sale in Whistler is 9-2101 Whistler Road, listed for $695,000. The 368-square-foot (sq. ft.) studio apartment is located in the Creekside neighbourhood, just a five-minute walk to the new gondola

The property was built in 1987 and has an outdoor patio space, storage area, a small kitchen and living room, and covered parking. The unit is resident restricted, and while anyone can own it, it must be occupied by Whistler employees or recent Whistler retirees. 

The property has been on the market for more than a week, and is assessed at $706,900, a 23-per-cent increase from the previous year. The property last sold in 2019 for $401,000. 

9179 Emerald Drive

If you’d prefer a non-strata single-family dwelling, there are none on the market for under $1 million, and only two for sale in the resort for under $2 million. 

Remaining on the list another month is 9179 Emerald Drive, in the Emerald Estates neighbourhood, which is listed for $1,995,000. This 1,753-sq.-ft., three-storey home was built in 1994 by longtime locals and features two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a loft, and a large suite with 1.5 bathrooms and its own laundry. 

As of June 14, the property had been on the market for 40-plus days and is assessed at $1,964,000, a 15-per-cent increase from last year. The property's land makes up most of the value, at $1,641,000 to the building's $323,000. It last sold in 1989 for $63,500. 


Squamish continues to remain significantly more affordable than its neighbour to the north. However, like Whistler, no single-family dwellings are listed for under $1 million. 

23 Bracken Parkway 

This month, the lowest-priced single-family dwelling for sale in Squamish is 23 Bracken Parkway. For $1,198,000, this 1,720-sq.-ft. home in the Brackendale area features four bedrooms and two bathrooms, a modern kitchen, a garage, and a fenced-in backyard. 

Built in 1969, this rancher-style home has an assessed value of $1,079,000, an eight-per-cent increase over the previous year. 

54 38185 Westway Avenue 

The most affordable strata property for sale in Squamish is 54-38185 Westway Avenue. The 825-sq.-ft. apartment in Westway Village is listed for $325,000 and includes two bedrooms and one bathroom with a small kitchen. 

Built in 1967, the home is in its original condition and is assessed at $402,000, a 13-per-cent increase over the previous year. The home last sold in 2014 for $107,000 and has been on the market for 19-plus days. 

Pemberton Valley 

1407 Poplar Street 

The Pemberton Valley is in a significantly better position than its neighbours to the south for affordable housing, perhaps one of the main reasons why the village, located 25 minutes away from Whistler, is growing by one of the highest percentages in the province. 

The most affordable single-family home in Spud Valley is 1406 Poplar Street, a 2,057-sq.-ft. home adjacent to the expanding BC Hydro Substation. The property was built in 1997 and is listed for $1,099,000, and includes three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, along with a separate one-bed-and-bath nanny suite. 

The property has been on the market for 84-plus days and is assessed at $1.1 million, a 17-per-cent increase from the previous year. The property last sold in 2020 for $707,000. 

3-7617 Pemberton Meadows Road

If you’d rather live in a stratified unit, the Pemberton Valley has a few options for under $1 million. 

The most affordable of these is 3-7617 Pemberton Meadows Road; this three-bedroom, one-bathroom modular home is listed for $399,900, and comes with a large, open-concept living area, a den and a large mudroom. 

Built in 1995, this 1,126-sq.-ft. home in the Pemberton Meadows is assessed at a value of $224,000 in 2023, up 106-per-cent over the previous year's assessment. The property last sold in 2021 for $120,000. 


For some affordability context, on the other side of the Coast Mountains in Lillooet Country, properties are substantially more affordable than anything in the Sea to Sky. 

661 Columbia Street

The lowest-priced freehold property in Lillooet is 661 Columbia Street, listed with an asking price of $179,000. This 624-sq.-ft. manufactured (or mobile) home has two bedrooms and some storage space on the bottom level for bikes and kayaks. The house is leased for $1,200 monthly plus utilities until October 31, 2023, and the tenants want to stay after it sells. 

The property was built in 1973, and is valued at $100,700, up 38 per cent from the previous year, with the land making up about 75 per cent of the valuation. It has been on the market for more than 135 days.

677 Columbia Street 

If you’d rather not live in a mobile home, just a few doors down is 677 Columbia Street. This 2,000-sq.-ft. single-family home is listed for $399,999, and includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large backyard garden, established fruit trees, and a storage shed. 

Built in 1977, the property is valued at $315,900 in 2023, up 12 per cent from the previous year. The home has been listed for 118-plus days. 

Rural Sea to Sky 


The historic, rapidly growing community of Bralorne remains one of the most affordable places to buy in the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, with 336 Marmot Crescent going for $199,000. 

The 2,116-sq.-ft.dwelling is advertised as having one bedroom with no bathrooms on a 0.26-acre lot. The abode is within walking distance of the village's pub and museum and has a remarkable view of the historic gold mining town. 

The property is valued at $181,100, down two per cent from the previous year. It last sold in 2012 for $75,000 and has been on the market for more than 230 days. 

While the parcel might sound like a fantastic deal, being only an hour and a bit north of Pemberton via the Hurley Forest Service Road, it is in the middle of renovations and is being sold as-is, where-is, so you might have a bit of work to make it your dream home. 

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