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School District 48 sees record high completion rates

SD48 has a 95% completion rate among all SD48 students and 85% among Indigenous students. Both marks outpaced the province.
School district 48
The Sea to Sky School board offices in downtown Squamish.

During School District 48's first public board meeting of the 2022-2023 school year on Sept. 14, Supt. Chris Nicholson noted students' graduation rates in the Sea to Sky are outpacing those for the whole province.

Nicholson reported that the six-year completion rate for high schoolers exceeded 90% for the first time across the province and was about 95% for students in SD48.

According to the provincial government, the six-year completion rate is the percentage of students who graduated with a Certificate of Graduation or Adult Graduation Diploma, within six years from the first time they enrol in Grade 8.

Indigenous students in SD48 had about an 85% six-year completion rate. This outpaced the provincial mark, which stood at approximately 72.5%.

Nicholson remarked that there was a lot to be proud of but that there was still work to do.

“Everyone is a leader. Everyone has something to contribute,” he said about the students across the schools.

The superintendent also noted that the newly introduced Indigenous-focused graduation requirement would be decided on this school year and implemented for the 2023-2024 school year.

Later in the meeting, Paul Lorette, the assistant superintendent, presented a preliminary update on the enrolment. In the opening week, there were 5,139 students, above the projection by over 200 students. 

Primarily, the Grade 7 to Grade 12 student population saw a higher number of students compared to their preliminary projection. Kindergarten to Grade 6 actually had fewer students than the preliminary projection.

Lastly, the chair of the board, Rebecca Barley, brought out of camera the board’s interest in creating a joint committee with the District of Squamish to explore collaboration on services and facilities. 

Barley said that the board looks forward to “connecting with the District of Squamish on when or if we can strike this committee.”

To re-watch the meeting, please visit SD48’s public board meeting YouTube page.