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SLRD approves suite of water projects for Area C

Almost $120K will go towards ensuring potable water for communities
D’Arcy is one of three communities in the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District’s Area C to receive funding for crucial water projects of late.

Water projects in the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District’s (SLRD) Area C will get a slight boost after the SLRD’s board of directors voted to allocate $119,630 to three projects in Devine, D’Arcy, and Pemberton.

Coming from the SLRD’s Community Works Fund, the allocation includes up to $37,000 to the Devine water service for capital upgrades, and another $32,630 allocated to the D’Arcy water service for curb stop (shut-off valve) replacement and a long-term planning assessment of the system.

The remaining $50,000 is an additional funding allotment to the Pemberton north water service to go towards replacing and upgrading water mains on Collins Road.

Some $22,000 previously allocated to a project for water boxes and hoses for the Devine water service was taken back as that project was struck from the SLRD’s list.

According to a staff report, the funds for the project in Devine are for the installation of a generator with an automatic switch, so the community will still have access to potable water in the event of a power outage.

Staff said having the system in place will allow automatic monitoring of the water source, save staff time, and benefit locals (besides giving them continual potable water) through lower operating costs.

The money for the Pemberton north water project is a top-up of previously allocated funds, which was $220,000. According to staff, proposals received for the project came in over budget, hence the need for an additional $50,000 allocation.

That project includes a water main replacement on Collins Road, north of Pemberton—upgrading the existing pipes from 50 millimetres to 200 mm, along with associated water services, valves and a fire hydrant. The mains will also be re-aligned so they do not go under a fish-bearing creek in the area.

The SLRD board voted unanimously to approve all of the funding allocations at the March 27 board meeting.

Money in the Community Works Fund can be used to support projects across the SLRD, and according to staff documents, the unallocated balance of funds come in at $679,321.05 now that the three water projects are approved.

The funds are divided between the four areas—Area A has $1,489.47 remaining, Area B has $420,007.18, Area C has $225,186.29, and Area D has $32,638.11.

The Community Works Fund is allocated to local governments annually through the Union of BC Municipalities from the federal government’s Canada Community-Building Fund.