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Big numbers Try-a-Tri

Kids of Steel draws junior triathletes to Whistler

Despite slow registration, athletes came out in big numbers for the annual Whistler Kids of Steel Triathlon and adult Try-a-Tri on Saturday, May 23, no doubt encouraged by the best weather in years.

The Whistler Triathlon Club hosted the event, with sanctioning from Triathlon B.C., and the field included participants from throughout Sea to Sky, as well as Lillooet and Washington State.

The Kids of Steel race was first off the blocks.

In the girls 8 to 9 age group - 100 metre swim, 4 km bike and 1 km run - Jennifer Lafreniere placed first in 22:45, winning the run stage by a minute and a half. Sarah Fedder of Vancouver was second in 24:12, and Mila Wittenberg of Whistler was third in 25:28. Also from Whistler, Hailey Harkins and Aoife Gannon were sixth and seventh.

In 8 to 9 boys, Alec Coleman of West Vancouver was first in 21:37, followed closely by a trio of Whistler athletes - Michael Murdoch in 21:41, Fraser Doak in 22:11 and Sam Johnston in 22:26.  Other Sea to Sky athletes were Troy Rozsypalek in fifth place, Adam Klimchuk-Brown sixth, Jack Forsyth eighth and Eric Smith ninth.

In the girls 10 to 11 age group - 100 metre swim, 4 km bike and 1 km run - Whistler's Gabby Smith was first in 23:31, followed by Makenna Bailey in 23:35. Shondra Martin of Squamish was third in 24:19. Other Sea to Sky finishers were Isobelle Williston in fourth, Nicole Deally in fifth and Steffi Denroche in sixth.

In the boys 10 to 11 age group Max Elliott of Whistler was first in 18 minutes and 34 seconds. Whistler's Nolan Welsh was slightly slower in the swim and on his bike, but had the fastest run time to place second in 19:00. Eli Chappell of Squamish was third in 19:19. Other local athletes were Finn Iles in fifth, Connor Toop in sixth, Gabriel Matteau Rushbrook in eighth, Zachary Davis in 10 th and Chase Velenosi in 12 th .

In 12 to 13 year old girls - 300 metre swim, 10 km bike and 3 km run - Grace Thompson of West Vancouver placed first overall in 46:44 with the best time in the swim and bike. Lauren Doak of Whistler was second in 50:23, placing second in the pool and on her bike and then first on the run. Keara Kimchuk-Brown of Squamish was third in 1:04:01, with Gabe Velenosi of Whistler trailing in fourth.

In 12 to 13 boys, Tyler Welsh of Whistler was first in 52:58, placing second on the swim and first biking and running. Rowan Doherty of West Vancouver was second in 44:36, and Whistler Taylor Derynck was third in 48:46.

Deven Bane-Allen competed alone in 14 to 15 girls - 300 metre swim, 10 km bike and 3 km run - and finished in 56:02.

Conor Doherty competed alone in boys 14 to 15, finishing in 43:29.

Pemberton's Kai Riess raced alone in boys 16 to 18 - 500 metre swim, 14 km bike and 4 km run - finishing in 52:16.

The adult Try-a-Tri almost sold out this year with 71 participants in the field. The race got a boost from a Vancouver-based beginner triathlon group that used the Try-a-Tri as their goal race, and by its inclusion in the Every Woman in the World conference program this year.

All age groups raced the same distance, with a 300 metre swim, 14 km bike and 4 km run.

In Female 19 to 24, Brittany Herle of Squamish was first in 58:28, followed by Charne Pattrick of Squamish 1:13:46 and Katie Coombs of Whistler in 1:38:42.

In the 25 to 29 race, Haley Oxenham of North Vancouver was first in 1:00:16, followed by Robyn Pook and Katelyn Thompson of Whistler in 1:02:25 and 1:04:08.

In 30 to 34, Sarah Kent of Toronto placed first in 1:00:09, followed by Whistler's Amber Mann in 1:06:56 and Pemberton's Janis Horwat in 1:08:35.

In 35 to 39, Shannon Ellis of Pemberton was first in 1:07:29, followed by Lili De Capite of New Westminster in 1:14:28 and Faith Hayman of Vancouver in 1:17:18. Donna McKenzie was the top Whistler athlete in 1:17:35.

In 40 to 44, Tina Gonnella of Whistler was first in 1:11:39, followed by Martine Norris of Victoria in 1:14:46, and Dana Hangle of Lillooet in 1:18:14.

In 45 to 49, Shelley Gunn of Lillooet placed first in 1:04:02, followed by Jacquetta Benard of Lillooet in 1:15:10, and Monique Thibault of Whistler in 1:22:23.

In 50 to 54, Laurie Irwin of Sidney was first in 1:12:57, followed by Michelle Crowe of Whistler in 1:20:23 and Lynn White of Burnaby in 1:30:34.

In 55 to 59 Heather St. Arnaud of Pemberton raced unopposed to finish in 1:27:19.

In 60 to 64 Frances Friesen of Lillooet was first in 1:26:41, followed by Lynne Venner of Whistler in 1:33:46.

In men's 25 to 29, Sean Fogarty of Vancouver was first in 1:00:57, followed Jordan Reems of Nanaimo in 1:05:09 and Ryan Loewen of Squamish in 1:11:42.

In 30 to 34 Chris Schuld of Vancouver was first in 1:01:06, followed by Warwick Meller of Vancouver in 1:06:18 and Jeff Clarke of Burnaby in 1:06:53.

In 35 to 39, Frederic Jardot of Whistler was first in 55:37, the top time of the day.Paul Pischke of Victoria was second in 1:12:17, and Bob Summerwill of Vancouver was third in 1:16:15.

In 40 to 44, James Stevens of Abbotsford was first in 57:47, followed by Harry Coleman of West Vancouver in 57:57, and Darrin Lee of Redmon, Washington in 1:00:40.

In 45 to 49, Randy Leong of Vancouver was first in 1:11:18, followed by Kevin Calder of Burnaby in 1:51:42.

In 50 to 54, Riel Lupien of Vancouver was first in 1:01:41, followed by Doug Smart of Saanichton in 1:32:46.

In 60 to 64, Patrick McCurdy of Whistler raced unopposed and finished in 1:07:05.

And in 80 to 84, the inspiration of the day, Jack Bowe raced unopposed and finished in 1:45:44.

Complete results are posted online at