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Cruz, Bragg, Rothdram and Wright on top at 2024 Phat Wednesdays opener

Other division winners at the Chainless B-Line race include Manietta, Grayston, Citynski and Gayton
Phat Wednesdays junior female medallists, left to right: Arleigh Kemp, Cameron Bragg and Ruby Wells.

Lots of locals flocked to the trails for the 2024 Phat Wednesdays opener: a chainless race with plenty of excitement. 

Tegan Cruz threw down the fastest overall time of the day: three minutes and 16.90 seconds. Not far behind was Kye A'Hearn (3:21.90) and Jake Polito rounded out the top three (3:24.60).

Meanwhile, no woman in any category could match 15-year-old Cameron Bragg's gold medal time (3:34.00). Her fellow junior females did their best, with silver going to Arleigh Kemp (3:38.90) and Ruby Wells in for bronze (3:41.40). Bragg keeps her momentum after winning last week's Spud Crusher Enduro.

In the junior male event it was Theo Rothdram who claimed victory (3:30.50). He shared the podium with Kaleb Spencer (3:30.60) and Sebastien Harrisson (3:31.50). 

Emily Wright prevailed in the open ladies' division (3:34.90) ahead of runner-up Megan Bedard (3:36.50) and third-place Georgia Astle (3:39.40). 

Mack Manietta was tops among 10 to 13-year-old boys (3:30.70) over Kyan Macleod (3:33.30) and Bernardo Gomes (3:34.50) in that order.

Other age group winners include Max Grayston (masters men), Laurie Citynski (masters women) and Shane Gayton (veteran men). 

Full results are available here.