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Kayla Constantini ends 2023-24 as Canada’s top U19 female freerider

Constantini placed third overall among all IFSA U19 girls
Kayla Constantini was Canada's top-ranked U19 female freeride skier in the 2023/24 season.

Not every athlete gets the happy ending they want, but Kayla Constantini did this time. 

Constantini concluded her final year with the Whistler Freeride Club (WFC) by vaulting into third overall among IFSA U19 women’s rankings. In doing so, she became the top Canadian athlete in her age and gender division. 

“Being able to finish third in my last year in the U19 category was the best way to end my junior career,” said Constantini. “Throughout all the years, this was by far the best year with the Whistler Freeride Club—being able to compete alongside my friends that I grew up skiing with one last time.” 

The 17-year-old’s final WFC competition took place mid-April in Breckenridge, Colo., at the IFSA Freeride North and South American Championships. Though Constantini didn’t win a medal, she came within a point of bronze (63.83). 

Hannah Baldwin ended up on top (66.60), which left Kate Pitkin in the runner-up spot (65.07) and Indy Boyer in third (64.37). 

“My mindset for every competition, but specifically in Breckenridge, is to always stay positive,” Constantini explained. Staying positive allows me to have a clear mind and helps me perform at my best. As my coaches always say: ‘It’s only skiing, so have some fun.’”

While North and South American qualifying may vary from year to year, 35 U19 ladies made the cut this time around. Constantini has watched the division grow steadily in terms of both numbers and athletic prowess, and says she “couldn’t be more proud to finish top-five against such amazing athletes.” 

Not done yet 

Constantini is no slouch herself. Though reserved at times, she’s a skilled freerider brimming with self-belief whenever she heads up any given mountain. 

“Obviously, I’m super proud of Kayla,” said longtime WFC coach Jen Ashton. “She's put a lot of effort into skiing over the last few years. She’s been pretty determined to do well, and she does well.” 

One of the few blemishes on Constantini’s campaign occurred at the Freeride Junior World Championships (FJWC). Despite earning in full the opportunity to represent Canada at one of her sport’s most prolific events, she was unable to execute her game plan and finished 10th. 

Even so, Constantini has good things to say about her time in Kappl, Austria. 

“Going to Junior Worlds was such a surreal experience,” she remarked. “It’s been a dream of mine since I started competing. Being able to represent Canada alongside my teammates from Whistler on a worldwide stage with athletes from around the globe was something I’ll never forget.” 

With graduation looming in June, Constantini’s next mission will be a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Victoria’s Gustavson Business School (the same program her older sister Amanda completed). She’s not done skiing, though—far from it, the Whistlerite shall return to the global stage.

“I couldn’t be more eager to get some redemption,” said Constantini. “I am extremely grateful to have a second opportunity to compete at Worlds and couldn’t be more excited to head back to Austria in January 2025.”