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Leighton on top of Pontiac GMC Cup race

Whistler skier tops western standings

While the Olympic team was wrapping things up in Italy this past week, the next generation of Olympians was battling it out at Silver Star in the national Pontiac GMC Cup series.

For Whistler, WMSC alumnus and B.C. Ski Team star Alison Leighton led the way for the women with two medals, while Matt Holler and Jeff Hume claimed one medal apiece.

In the first slalom, on Saturday, Leighton took the gold medal, edging out Carmel McElroy and Elli Terwiel. Danielle Robson, another WMSC skier on the provincial team, was 10 th . Other Whistler results include Julia Murray in 14 th , Jillian McArthur and Jennifer Mah in 16 th , Nadia Samer in 21 st , Katrina Dekukr in 24 th , Elizabeth Parry in 25 th , Calindy Ramsden in 26 th , and Shannon Smith in 27 th to round out the top-30. Only 53 of over 80 racers finished two runs, with 19 skiers going off course.

Calgary’s Paul Stutz, who narrowly missed Olympic qualification, won the men’s event by almost a full second and a half. Trevor White was second and Jeff Crompton third.

Trevor Conroy was the top WMSC alumnus in eighth, while Matthew Holler was 10 th , Darren Chaddock 20 th , Conrad Pridy 27 th and Stan Rey 29 th .

In a second slalom, on Sunday, Anya Holinski took the top spot, followed by Andrea Bliss and Eli Terwiel. Leighton was fourth, missing the podium by .11 seconds.

Jillian McArthur was 12 th , Jennifer Mah 13 th , Deborah Bayliss 14 th , Nadia Samer 15 th , Katrina Dekur 19 th , and Calindy Ramsden 20 th .

Paul Stutz won his second gold in the men’s competition, followed by Trevor White. The WMSC’s Matt Holler boosted his way into third, followed by WMSC coach Jeff Hume in fourth.

Other WMSC skiers in the top-30 were Conrad Pridy in 18 th , James McLean in 24 th , Michael Kearney in 26 th , and Morgan Pridy 29 th .

Leighton returned the podium on Monday in the giant slalom, finishing third behind Lindsay Kraft and Andrea Bliss. Julia Murray was 19 th , Victoria Whitney 20 th and Jillian McArthur 29 th .

The fourth and last event was a second GS, on Tuesday. The top three spots went to Lindsay Kraft, Jessica Dakers and Andrea Bliss, but Whistler’s top performance belonged to Victoria Whitney, in sixth place. Jennifer Mah was ninth, Jillian McArthur 10 th , Calindy Ramsden 13 th , Sarah Marshall 15 th , Nadia Samer 19 th , Elizabeth Parry 20 th , Abigail Cameron 24 th and Shannon Smith 26 th .

In the last men’s GS, Jeff Hume jumped to second place, between Albertans Paul Stutz and Jan Hudec. Stan Rey was 17 th , James McLean 18 th , Matthew Holler 21 st and Ben Podborski 28 th .