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Mikayla Martin tops Parson's Memorial Super G for second straight year

Riley Seger leads men's team
Super G Riley Seger from the Whistler Mountain Ski Club was on the podium for three straight races to take the overall Parsons Memorial title for 2013. Photo by Jim Davie

For decades, Bob Parsons was one of ski racing's strongest supporters and volunteers and now, over three decades since his death, the Parsons legacy lives on.

Originally Parsons was renowned for creating safe downhill events for young K2 level skiers (ages 13 and 14) to help them get used to the format before heading to the next level where speed events are more common. Several members of the national speed team got their start in Parsons races including Manuel Osborne-Paradis, Robbie Dixon and Madison McLeish.

Over the years the event transformed into a super G competition, and this past weekend the Whistler Moutain Ski Club hosted the Teck Super G Provincial Championships on the newly created Dave Murray National Training Centre on Whistler Mountain.

On the opening day, the WMSC's Mikayla Martin took the win by over a second, followed by Antonia Wearmouth of Grouse and Meg Cumming of Apex. Esme McTavish was fourth, while Stefanie Fleckenstein was seventh, Cassandra Mah 13th and Sarah Kapur 14th, to round out the top 15.

In the opening boys race it was the WMSC's James Crawford in first, followed by Grouse Mountain's Sam Mulligan and the WMSC's Riley Seger. All three were separated by just 0.4 seconds. Rounding out the top 15 were Max Peiffer in fifth, Max Kishenblatt in seventh, Cooper Yates in ninth, Alex Gershon in 11th and Jeffrey Cadman in 15th.

The men also raced a second super G on Friday with the exact same podium, although the race was tighter with just 0.22 seconds between the racers. From Whistler, Cameron Alexander was fourth, Max Peiffer fifth, Max Kirshenblatt sixth, Cooper Yates ninth, Alex Gershon 12th, Graham Brown 13th and Jeffrey Cadman 15th.

The women were supposed to race two super G events on Saturday, but the second women's event was cancelled due to course conditions and fog. Mikayla Martin won again, this time with a gap of 1.15 seconds. Teammate Stefanie Fleckenstein joined her on the podium in second, tying Antonia Wearmouth of Grouse. Other Whistler skiers in the top 15 were Sarah Kapur in 10th, Tamara Smallwood in 11th and Cheyenne Ling in 14th.

In the men's race, Riley Seger moved up to first place and Cameron Alexander to second, while Sam Mulligan of Grouse dropped to third. Max Peiffer was fourth, Max Kirshenblatt seventh, James Crawford eighth, Carson Llewellyn 10th, Alex Gershon 11th, Jeffrey Cadman 12th, Griffin Renzoni 13th and Antoine Carignan-Turcotte 15th.

There was a pair of team ski cross time trial events on Sunday, with organizers mixing up teams and clubs. Results are at