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One down, two to go

Whistler hosted the first of three school district cross-country runs on Thursday, Sept. 30, with schools participating from Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton and Mount Currie.

The turnout was slightly lower than expected because one of the buses wasn’t available, but hundreds of runners still took part in the annual race.

Whistler usually hosts the last event of the cross-country series, but after a snowstorm hit last year’s run the organizers decided it was best if Whistler went first.

The next event was at Alice Lake in Squamish on Oct. 7, and the last event is at Brackendale Secondary on Thursday, Oct. 14.

Boys 1992

1. Jack Cubbon, Garibaldi Highlands

2. Hans Schianz, Signal Hill

3. Logan Goodwin, Myrtle Philip

4. Michael Hood, Garibaldi Highlands

5. Connor Warnock, Myrtle Philip

Girls 1992

1. Ruby Walser, Signal Hill

2. Chelsea Norman, Signal Hill

3. Olivia Murray, Myrtle Philip

4. Julianna Bourque, Brackendale

5. Madeleine Shemko, Brackendale

Boys 1993

1. Kai Reece, Signal Hill

2. Cory White, Brackendale

3. Lyndon Morrow, Garibaldi Highlands

4. Matt Bonin, Spring Creek

5. Geoff Power, Garibaldi Highlands

Girls 1993

1. Lauren Rosser, Stawamus

1. Amber Grant, Garibaldi Highlands

3. Lauren Fitschen, Mamquam

4. Kristin Drygas, Mamquam

5. Lauren Cameron, Spring Creek

Boys 1994

1. Soren Elsay, Signal Hill

2. Michel Aikman, Spring Creek

3. Tyler Hall, Squamish Elementary

4. Jeremy Fairley, Spring Creek

5. Brendan Hopkins, Mamquam

Girls 1994

1. Maddie Kerr, Signal Hill

2. Lucy Hawksbee, Signal Hill

3. Jocelyn Pettit, Mamquam

4. Marlee Eheler, Mamquam

5. Megan Bond, Valleycliffe

Boys 1995

1. Logan Pehota, Signal Hill

2. Terry Clark, Mamquam

3. Chase MacDougall, Garibaldi Highlands

4. Quin Aiton, Signal Hill

5. Neil Walser, Signal Hill

Girls 1995

1. Tessa Martin, Valleycliffe

2. Ebony Grant, Garibaldi Highlands

3. Natalie Gates, Garibaldi Highlands

4. Heather Kelly, Signal Hill

5. Stephanie Pawluk, Valleycliffe

Boys 1996

1. Dalton Pehota, Signal Hill

2. Benny Flynn, Myrtle Philip

3. Matthew Scully, Squamish Elementary

4. Jamie Kawchuk, Squamish Elementary

5. Wyatt Fellows, Spring Creek

Girls 1996

1. Katrina Widmaier, Squamish Elementary

2. Taylor Newell, Garibaldi Highlands

3. Mahri Stoddart, Valleycliffe

4. Sierra Farr, Myrtle Philip

5. Maia Kerr, Signal Hill