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Peak to Valley race topped by Hoopla

Top team overall was Hoopla/Best of Both, with a combined time of 20 minutes, 15.01 seconds.

Some stormy weather on Friday resulted in a lower start for the annual Appleton Rum Peak to Valley Race, leaving out The Saddle and about 100 vertical metres of skiing, but the entire length of the course - a 1,210 metre vertical drop over 5,500 metres, and 161 gates (versus 114 gates Friday) - was open to racers on the Saturday. Not that the Friday racers were complaining when they got to the bottom, gasping for air and wincing at the lactic acid build-up in their knees.

The difference between the two days was substantial. The fastest individual time on Friday was 4:06.29, while Saturday's speediest was in at 5:37.76.

While veterans have ruled in the past, this year the top team overall was Hoopla/Best of Both, with a combined time of 20 minutes, 15.01 seconds. They also won the 149 and Under (combined age) category by a full minute-and-a-half.

The team included former national team skier Jeff Hume and Ryan Oughtred on Friday, and Tove Pashkowski and Jayme Smithers on Saturday.

Second overall this year was Swiss movement in 20:23.10, winning the 175-199 age group. Friday racers were Alain Rey and Sam Kent, with Janine Linder-Joris and Eric Rey going the distance on Saturday.

In third overall were the Blue Ice Wrecking Crew in 20:35.58, also placing second in the 175-199 category. Friday racers were Kim McKnight and Tommy Thompson, and the Saturday squad was Peak to Valley stalwarts Dave Johnston and Chris Kent.

The race was sold out as usual, with 72 teams at the start line.


Fastest Teams

Category VI - 250 and Up

1. Wild Eastern Flyers  - 22:26.82 (Lloyd Henderson, Paul Psutka, Joe Fera and Lou Fenninger)

2. Georgian Peaks Bombers - 23:59.93 (Kate Peacock, Gerry Young, Heinz Grossmann and Bob Campbell)

3. Babes with Age - 24:14.23 (Grace Oaks, Bob Switzer, Randall Carpenter and David Trussler)

Category V - 225 to 249

1. Legacy Cruisers - 23:06.79 (Andree Janyk, Stephen Vajda, Chris Vajda and Ted Astelis)

2. Jules' Jewels - 24:08.28 (Terry Daly, Butch White, Bernard Kahlert and Jules Lajoie (6:23.567)

3. Top Gun Hosers - 24:39.38 (George Lobisser, Jerry O'Neil, Brian Cameron and Christy Taylor)

Category IV - 200 to 224

1. Barry The Rooster - 20:39.31 (Tom Prochazka, Kent Wills, Steve Fleckenstein and Liz Thompson)

2. Team Spirit - 21:12.44 (Geordie Trusler, Kary Firstbrook, John Townsen and Phil Beauregard)

3. Menage a Quartre - 23:49.04 (John Muzzillo, Ed Russell, Heike Stippler and Don Hosek)

Category III - 175-199

1. Swiss Movement - 20:23.10 (Alain Rey, Sam Ken, Eric Rey and Janine Linder-Joris)

2. Blue Ice Wrecking Crew - 20:35.58 (Kim McKnight, Tommy Thompson, Dave Johnson and Chris Kent)

3. Raven Madness - 21:39.19 (Wendy Harrison, Jeff Cusick, Jamie Edwards and Peter Lyall)

Category II - 150 to 174

1. Toes First - 22:03.24 (Tony Callen, Maureen Vlases, Bill Vlases and Matt McCArtney)

2. Go Nads Go - 22:32.34 (Rick Brown, Nadio Hacey, Sebastien Baribeau and Taylor Wood)

3. Gentle Drifters - 23:41.05 (John Wadsworth, Bob Brett, Richard Parry and Anita Kargl)

Category I - 149 and Under

1. Hoopla/Best of Both - 20:15.01 (Jeff Hume, Ryan Oughtred, Tove Pashkowski and Jayme Smithers)

2. All Wayne's Children - 21:46.09 (Wayne Flann, Ryan Bougie, Hok Wong and Jenny Small)

3. Crested Beauts - 22:34.89 (Joe Hertz, Brian Fishbrook, Kyle Lobisser and Hilary Hendriks)


Fastest Males, Friday

1. Ryan Oughtred - 4:06.29

2. Chris Kent - 4:08.37

3. Alain Rey - 4:16.58


Fastest Females, Friday

1. Liz Thompson - 4:29.08

2. Joan Wilson - 4:30.39

3. Kary Firstbrook - 4:34.59


Fastest Males, Saturday

1. Phil Beauregard - 5:37.76

2. Jayme Smithers - 5:39.22

3. Eric Rey - 5:40.32


Fastest Females, Saturday

1. Janine Linder-Joris - 6:04.65

2. Tove Pashkowski - 612.32

3. Wendy Harrison - 6:27.82