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Runners brave heat in 67 km STORMY race

On a mild day the Squamish Test of Running Metal – Yeah! Race, better known as the STORMY, is a one of a kind challenge, following the entire 67.5 km Test of Metal mountain bike course.

Last Saturday, with temperatures in the range of 37 degrees Celsius, the race dished out a whole new level of pain. Some runners pulled out before the race while others were forced to pack it in early.

Still, an amazing 59 runners managed to finish, just nine fewer than last year when the temperatures were on average about 10 degrees lower.

William Emerson, an accomplished ultra marathon runner from Washington, finished first with a time of five hours, 24 minutes and 44 seconds, about 12 minutes slower than the top time in 2003.

The Okanagan’s Scott McMillan was second in 5:29:39 and Vancouver’s Andy Nicol, an ultra-marathoner with a few 100 km road races under his belt, was third in 5:34:57.

Wendy Montgomery of North Vancouver, another experienced ultra-marathoner, defended her title as the top woman in the STORMY, finishing eighth overall with a time of 5:52:41. Sharon Simms was second in 6:09:38 and Donna Mazurkewich third in 6:37:17.

The slowest times in the race were well past the nine-hour mark.

This year the STORMY race is part of the B.C. Iron Lung Trail Running Series. The next event on the calendar is the Around the Lake Give’r Take at Cultus Lake, a 30 km run. The series wraps up with the Iron Lung, which has 10 km and 20 km courses in North Vancouver.

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