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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet highlights romantic weekend escape

Victoria's Oak Bay Beach Hotel and Marine Resort is inviting theatre lovers to enter the magical world of Romeo and Juliet, history's most acclaimed theatrical performance. Every Friday and Saturday night from Jan.

Victoria's Oak Bay Beach Hotel and Marine Resort is inviting theatre lovers to enter the magical world of Romeo and Juliet, history's most acclaimed theatrical performance.

Every Friday and Saturday night from Jan. 26 to April 7, the hotel will be offering weekend romance getaways, combining the 16th Century cuisine and fine wine with the greatest love story ever told.

Romeo and Juliet, possibly the most distinguished and celebrated theatrical performance of all time, will thrill and captivate audiences with its romantic charm and grace. The play has mesmerized audiences world-wide for centuries, as a tale of love and hate, passion and violence, commitment and injustice, all in fair Verona.

Produced by Theatre Inconnu, the performance has it all: humour, action, suspense, and poignancy. An exceptional cast of six experienced actors will assume 16 different roles. In the true tradition of the Elizabethan theatre, gender will not dictate who plays which character and half the fun will be in following the dexterity and virtuosity of the actors as they not only switch costumes and personas, but in some cases, gender as well.

Although nothing could serve to improve upon the timeless and exquisite beauty of Shakespeare's writing, audiences will be treated to a number of appropriately placed ballads from the period, accompanied by live Celtic harp. The entire evening's presentation will run approximately 90 minutes and promises to be a moving, captivating, and thoroughly unique experience for all.

Shakespeare’s works have been absorbed into modern culture as the measure by which others can be rated, but no other playwrights have come near to rivalling the breadth and depth of his talent. The genius from Stratford, on the river Avon, saw the intricacies of the human personality and soul. Shakespeare's ability to see one's true passion and drive attracted people from all walks of life to read his great prose and poetry. Once a person opens their eyes to the beauty and elegance of the Shakespearean universe, they will have a new light shed on their own. This enigmatic man will no doubt continue to be the most respected and famous character in historical literature.

The weekend adventure begins by travelling to the city of Victoria, home of the Parliament Buildings, high tea at the Empress and beautiful turn of the century architecture. With Canada's mildest climate, it's no surprise the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine's readers' poll rated Victoria one of the top 10 cities to visit in the world.

Upon arrival, guests without car transportation will be escorted by courtesy van well out of the way of the tourist masses, through the quaint Oak Bay village to Victoria's only seaside country inn.

While the British legacy is evident throughout Victoria, nowhere is it as distinct as in the community of Oak Bay. The Oak Bay Beach Hotel's British ambience and Tudor-style decor is ideal for the weekend's nostalgic theme. The hotel's location and additional services offer plenty to see and do during any visit. Guests are free to poke around Oak Bay's stylish shops, ride the complimentary bikes through the village, hit the links or explore other attractions in and around Victoria.

The hotel takes full advantage of its location by offering guests a number of day trip excursions right from the hotel. These include: Butchart Gardens tours, the Epicurean Adventure Train Getaway, City Lights tours, a trip to the San Juan Islands, gourmet mushrooming, sea kayaking, whale watching and Sealion Safari.

After a day of exploring the city, the weekend will culminate with the Romeo and Juliet dinner theatre performance. Before the show, guests will meet in the hotel's grand lobby for a fireside reception at 6 p.m. At 6:30, you will be invited to take your seat in the Oak Room to enjoy a gourmet meal featuring Medieval cuisine. The next morning, guests are treated to breakfast before heading back home.


The package includes two night's accommodation, breakfast each morning, hot chocolate and cookies each night, complimentary bicycles (reserve ahead of time), complimentary pool and gym passes (Oak Bay Recreation Centre), an evening of fine dining and the "Romeo and Juliet" performance for $174 per person (based on double occupancy). Guests can tailor their own two-night package and choose what night (Friday or Saturday) they want to see Romeo and Juliet between Jan. 26 and April 7. Call 1-800-668-7758 for reservations.