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Trampworx puts freestyle skills to the test

First running of new competition format a success

There was a modest turnout for the first edition of the Trampworx competition format on Saturday, which was a good thing - it's the first event of its kind in B.C., maybe Canada and possibly the world, and there were a few bugs to work out.

The competition is all about freestyle trampoline skills, with competitors using moves that translate into skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and other sports that involve big air and twists flips and grabs.

There were three different events - Trampoline Big Air and Double Mini Tramp Big Air competitions where athletes were judged on one move and landing, and a Slopestyle Trampoline competition where athletes were judged on a string of five moves.

The events were only open to members of Whistler Gymnastics, including adult programs and user groups where membership is required to use the facility.

In the Slopestyle trampoline competition, Luke Smart was the top jumper in the 11-12 age category, followed by Archie Mahoney and James Sambell. In the group for 14 and older it was Mitchell Wilson on top, Taylor Wilson in second and Tim Ravenna in third.

In Big Air Trampoline it was Archie Mahoney who placed first in the 11-12 category, followed by James Sambell and Luke Smart. For the older group it was Taylor Wilson, followed by Mitchell Wilson, followed by Ben Flynn.

In Big Air Double Mini Tramp it was Archie Mahoney in first, followed by James Sambell and Adam Bell. In 14-plus it was Ben Flynn, followed by Tim Ravenna and Mitchell Wilson.

The concept for freestyle trampoline came from a new program that the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association has put together to help instructors teach freestyle skiing skills to students on trampolines.

Whistler Gymnastics is looking to host more events in the future and will extend invitations to other trampoline and gymnastics clubs.