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Two competitions scheduled for Pemberton dirt track

Beginner, women’s only motocross clinics planned

The Green River Riding Club, the tenure holder for the Pemberton dirt track, is gearing up for the spring season with a full slate of competitions and clinics on the schedule. The goal for this season is to increase membership and awareness of the facility, while modifying the track with more straightaways and features to lengthen lap times.

Although there is strong interest in opening the track early, the tenure agreement and insurance doesn’t kick in until April 2, which will be the official opening day this year. There was a track workday Wednesday, March 9 to do some maintenance and talk about the track changes.

"Right now we have one of the shortest lap times of all the tracks in the province, but it would be relatively easy to put in a few more straightaway sections, and a few new features… like a couple of hips in the corners, some steeper walls, to slow the field down a little and stretch out the lap times a little bit," explained club spokesperson Shaun Greenaway.

The club is also hoping to bring in more dirt this season to build the track up and improve drainage, as well as make other improvements to the parking area.

Most of the funding will come from memberships – the club had about 100 members last season – as well as drop-in fees and money earned from hosting competitions. The GRRC is also hosting a club fundraiser at the Longhorn on March 18, with door prizes, draws, and membership sign-ups.

Last fall the GRRC hosted its first Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) sponsored motocross event. This year the club will host two events, one in the spring and one in the fall.

"I think it shows how far this track has come that we can now host these kinds of events," said Greenaway. "We had a really good first race, a good turnout and really great response from the riders, so we decided to host two events this year. There were a few problems, like parking and trying to collect money from spectators, but it was a learning experience."

By popular demand, the club will also start to offer a series of clinics, including learn-to-ride days, classes for advanced riders, and a women-only class.

By introducing more people to racing, Greenaway hopes to continue to increase the club membership.

This year the rates will be $200 per person and $150 for youth. Returning members will also receive a discount.

A $20 drop-in fee will also be available, although the club is encouraging people to become full members.

The hours of operation for the track will be 5 p.m. to sundown from Wednesday to Friday, and 9 a.m. to sundown on Saturday and Sunday. An employee of the club will be on hand to check for memberships and sell drop-in passes when the track is open.

Informal club meetings will also be held every second Wednesday through the season.

You can stay on top of club events on their new hotline, 604-905-9209, or by visiting the website at

GRRC Schedule of Events

March 18 – Green River Riding Club fundraiser at the Longhorn.

April 1 – Pre-opening work day

April 2 – Opening day for dirt track

Event dates to be announced when confirmed by CMA.

Clinics will be announced in the coming weeks and months.