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WORCA and We Run Whistler team up to start a new toonie run event for this trail season

We Run Whistler - alpine trail running - BC
WORCA members will have a new way to enjoy the trails this season with We Run Whistler's new run toonie events.

We Run Whistler and the Whistler Off Road Cycling Association (WORCA) are teaming up to get the most out of the trails this summer—whether you are a runner or a biker.

In addition to WORCA's weekly toonie rides, there will now be weekly toonie runs. 

The run toonies kick off on May 31 and are free for anyone who has purchased the new WORCA Runner Membership as well as anyone who has a regular WORCA membership.

Just like the toonie rides, the run toonies will be virtual and participants can track their progress on Trailforks to earn their badge each week.

Run toonie routes will change each week and follow the previous week's toonie ride route, so participants who are taking part in both can ride the trail one week and run it the next.

Each run completed gives the runner an entry into the end of season prize draw, but only routes run on the correct week will count toward the draw.

You can visit We Run Whistler's website for more info.