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Youth Drug program Expands into snowmobiling

X-Life is building on the Success of teen Stock Car Race Club

X-Life is expanding its motorized program component into freestyle and recreational snowmobiling for youth aged 13-16 in the Sea to Sky corridor.

The Xsled program is designed to provide incentive for kids to stay off drugs. Program directors, Benny and Carmen Traub say: “It will be filled with the fun and excitement that is consistent with today’s extreme sport oriented youth culture. And we’ll continue to incorporate the Too Good for Drugs program, developed by the Mendez Foundation.”

X-Life Youth Society ( is a Christian youth group based in Whistler. X-Life has recently integrated the ‘Too Good for Drugs’ program into their activities.

The new program builds on the success of X-Life’s stock car club, called the Barely Legal Race Team. During this past summer, kids learned driving and mechanical skills as part of the stock car club. And what kid wouldn’t want to drive a car at 13 years of age? Professional driver training was provided on a local closed circuit track.

X-Life is currently seeking sponsors and volunteers for the new snowmobile club. The club will be holding an information meeting on Nov. 13 at 7 p.m., location tba. Anyone interested in getting involved or having their kids as part of the club should RVSP to or call 905-0933 ext 4. More information is available online at