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Letter: ‘Zero consequences’ for unsafe skiing at Whistler Blackcomb

'Nobody is safe'
A helivac takes off from the Whistler Health Care Centre in March 2022.

As an Australian who is a yearly addition to the Whistler community, I have a question: “What is going on up there on the blue-designated runs?”

They are now, in my opinion, Race Rail Zones: Nobody is safe, there are no patrols, no volunteers attempting to assert some control in flagged zones, and unfortunately zero attempts to “clip passes” for unsafe skiing.

Blue runs are groomed = “Let’s rail it at max speed.”

There are zero consequences! (A debatable topic).

Ski Patrol are a well-respected and invaluable resource, but they are unfortunately only there at times to pick up the damaged and mangled pieces. Whistler Blackcomb, please get management up on the hill to see what I see every day: The Blue Groomed Luge Course. (The Green Zones are just frightening.)

David Sadler // Australia