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Today in History and Celebrity Birthdays


Today in History for July 7: On this date: In 1438, the decrees of Basel were adopted by the Roman Catholic Church. They restricted the authority of the popes and imposed a degree of accountability on the cardinals and bishops of the church.


Today in Music History for July 7: In 1607, Britain's national anthem -- "God Save the King" -- was sung in public for the first time.


Celebrity Birthdays for July 6: The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is 89. Singer Gene Chandler is 87. Country singer Jeannie Seely is 84. Actor Burt Ward ("Batman") is 79. Richard Elswit, guitarist with Dr. Hook, is 79.


Today in History for July 6: In 1415, Czech reformer Jan Hus was martyred. He was condemned for heresy and burned at the stake because of his outspoken appeals for church reform and for political and religious rights for the common people.


Today in Music History for July 6: In 1925, Bill Haley, rock 'n' roll's first teen idol, was born in Highland Park, Mich.


Today in History for July 16: On this date: In 622, Prophet Mohammad fled from Mecca, where he was despised and persecuted, to the northern city of Medina, marking the day of beginning of Hegira, the Islamic calendar.


Today in History for July 15: On this date: In 1099, the Muslim citizens of Jerusalem surrendered their city to the armies of the First Crusade.


Today in History for July 19: On this date: In 1553, 15-year-old Lady Jane Grey was deposed as Queen of England after only nine days. King Henry VIII's daughter Mary was proclaimed Queen and had Jane executed.


Today in History for July 18: On this date: In A.D. 64, the Great Fire of Rome began. In 1536, the English Parliament passed an act declaring the authority of the pope void in England. In 1739, a census put Canada's population at 42,701.


Today in History for July 17: On this date: In 1505, future church reformer, Martin Luther entered the Augustinian monastic order at Erfurt in present day eastern Germany. He was 21. In 1674, the second census of Canada showed a population of 6,705.