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Vintage Emily Carr

Her paintings sell for upward of $500,000 and the pottery she used to sell as trinkets for 50 cents now sell for about $5,000. Schools, libraries, parks, streets and even stamps bear her name.

Howe Sound island hopping

Fishermen on the Sunshine Coast avoid seals and sea lions like the plague. They've usually scared or eaten the best fish and, to quote my wife's uncle, "they're a bloody nuisance.

Titanic exhibit resurfaces history

My pass from White Star Line listed me as "Crew Member James M. Smith." My husband was "Second Class Passenger James Matthew McCrie.

Norfolk... east of England

Back in the days when British parents still considered Humphrey a flattering name for their male offspring, there lived a man named Humphrey Repton.

Wonder how that would translate in Swahili?

A touch of Japan makes Bahari beautiful in many languages Perched on the forested cliffs near Qualicum Beach, the Bahari B&B certainly lives up to its name.

Bigger than Texas - Alaska, the final frontier

By Robyn Cubie Since this week’s topic is ‘All you wanted to know about Alaska,’ then how is this for starters? It’s very big. How big you say? Well how about the size of the U.K.

Travel Story

Boston’s top picks

Jewel of a resort on a gem of an island

The narrow roads reminded us of driving through the English countryside.

Habitat repair lures salmon back to Clayoquot

Photos by Rick Telford Rick Telford was a little surprised when he stumbled on naked revellers in Virgin Falls, last Jan. 1. It may have been mild, but the glacier fed waters are still frigid on Canada Day.