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feature 243

By Paul Dillon On behalf of the 1.4 million Quebecers whose first language is not French I’d like to say, "Thanks for nothing, Canada.

feature 242

Skiing significant part of provincial economy In the early 1970s Al Raine went to Victoria to pitch his proposal for developing Powder Mountain, the area south-west of Whistler in the Callaghan Valley.

feature 241

Off The Races the eagle, who hovers with free gaze over whole countries, and to whom it is of no consequence whether the hare on which he pounces is running in Prussia or in Saxony.

feature 240

Robin Allen has her own fair share of fish stories. But the stories she gained during five years of setting nets in pursuit of salmon in the waters of Halibut Cove off Alaska's West Coast have come to an end.

feature 239

By G.D. Maxwell Some witty social observer, whose name I can't remember right now but whose sentiments I share, once described golf as a perfectly good way to ruin a nice walk.

feature 238

The Leading Edge: A behind the scenes look at high-tech trends at ski resorts By Pamela Clarke At about 4 a.m.

feature 237

By Glen Watson "Hockey is the Canadian metaphor, the rink a symbol of this country's vast stretches of water and wilderness, its extremes of climate, the player a symbol of our struggle to civilize such a land...

feature 236

The Resort Municipality of Whistler may be a political creation but it was people who literally built the community. The construction industry has been a major part of Whistler since the 1960s.

feature 235

Across most of Canada, the one-room school has fallen into the annals of history — four walls, desks, a chalkboard and a whole bunch of memories that occupy a place in the hearts of generations of Canadians who learned their readin', writin' and 'rit

feature 234

By Bob Barnett From the 5,500 foot level of the Skywalk Trail, on the flanks of Rainbow Mountain, hikers will be able to see the Tantalus Mountain range, Black Tusk, Wedge Mountain and Fissile.