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feature 213

One year ago, while presenting her 1994 budget, Finance Minister Elizabeth Cull announced a list of 60 government agencies that the province would no longer fund. Among the casualties were the B.C.

feature 212

By George Koch Clattering around the divide of the Coast Mountains with a couple of Swiss pals on a whimsical day of heli-skiing five years ago, Al Raine came across what seemed a "magical" place: the perfect ski area, the Nirvana he'd been seeking w

feature 211

By Paul Dillon There is a legend told in Lakota and Dakota tribal circles about the White Buffalo.

feature 210

By now, most people have at least heard the word Internet. Few can define it or pretend to understand it, but lots of them use it.

feature 209

It was a crisp Sunday morning in October when Anne Marie Potton was reported missing.

feature 207

Going downhill — fast! By Lottie Wengelin In 1967 Jean Claude Killy won the Wengen downhill in a time of 3:06.76. When Ken Read won on an icy Wengen course in 1980 in 2:31.31 runner up Josef Walcher said the course was maxed out.

feature 206

The great escape By Myron Loveless Affordable housing, a relaxed social environment and few tourists. Throw in two pre-eminent ski hills — Whitewater Resort and Red Mountain — and you've got the makings of a great escape.

feature 205

Catching the second wave By Lorraine Passchier Being number one is just the beginning. Remember, IBM and General Electric used to be number one.

feature 204

MARKETING AND CULTURE By Guercy Thimoleon The speed at which Whistler has become a successful resort has surprised many people; alarmed some, delighted others. The resort’s success has attracted more people and spurred more growth.

feature 203

By Kevin Damaskie In the often devastating war waged over undeveloped wetland and valley bottom in Whistler, local environmentalists just won a battle.