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Maxed out - special

Coming out of amnesia, again Regular Pique readers (if they’re both in town this week) may observe that this essay is not authored by the usual correspondent, and may even regret being deprived of the dollop of wisdom that can frequently, if not

D.O.A. not dead yet

Punk band remains true to its roots, 20 years on WHO: D.O.A. WHERE: The Boot Pub WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 25 The pioneers of "hardcore" return to Whistler this week as a prelude to a world-wide 20 th anniversary tour.

Bringing the rock back to the root

WHO: Mazinaw WHERE: Garfinkel’s WHEN: Feb. 20 They’re "coming to get the rock out!" Stevo and the boys from Mazinaw are back in town.

All in the family

If it looks like a MacDuhk and sounds like a MacDuhk it must be Scruj MacDuhk WHO: Scruj MacDuhk WHERE: Buffalo Bill’s WHEN: Feb.


By Shari Burnett WHO: SuperSuckers WHERE: Maxx Fish WHEN: Monday, February 19 e’vil n. An evil force, power or personification.

United front

WHO: Threat From Outer Space WHERE: Maxx Fish WHEN: Feb. 21 It’s a close encounter of the musical kind.

Get Stuffed - Food waste need not be wasted

A Canadian company converts food waste into fertilizer on an industrial scale Every crust you don’t finish, every leaf that wilts, every piece of meat that turns bad or gets left on the bone typically winds up in Whistler’s landfill, taking

maxed out -Time travels at the keyboard

One of the ironies of personal computers – and trust me, there are many – has been their impact on the relativity of time.

Bittersweet motel

Gone Phishing

Gone Phishing

WHAT: Bittersweet Motel WHERE: Rainbow Theatre WHEN: Feb. 16-17 at 11 p.m.; Feb. 17-18 at 4:20 p.m. Whether you’re a Phish fan or just enjoy good cinema, you won’t want to miss a special presentation at Whistler’s Rainbow Theatre.