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Local Arts

Delivering the goods

WHO: Keller Williams WHERE: GLC, Monday, April16 WHERE: WSSF Mainstage, Tuesday, April 17, 3 p.m. A Man and His Machine: not a headline that you’d think would pack the house.

Easter bunny busy

Peter is a busy little cottontail. He’s hip-hopping down several Whistler trails this Easter Sunday. His first stop is to the north in Pemberton at North Arm Farm.

Treasure Mountain to start shooting

Sea to Sky Entertainment of Squamish has announced that it will be producing its second feature film, called Treasure Mountain. It is a story about two young girls in pursuits of a pirate’s lost treasure in the mountains.

Fame, fortune and good looks stalking Staggered Crossing

WHO: Staggered Crossing WHERE: WSSF Mainstage WHEN: Wednesday, April 18 Toronto’s Staggered Crossing is one of Warner’s latest investments, a five-man band turning out edgy, radio-friendly rock reminiscent of Counting Crowes and Tabitha

Sex, travel and philosophy

Whistler author contemplates the burden of choice in his first novel When someone hands you a book, the usual question is "what’s it about?" Most often the usual response is a rambling summation of the plot, the characters, and, where

Playhouse full of toys, activities this year

WHAT: Playhouse WHERE: AlpenRock WHEN: April 20 Who wants to grow up? Well, you don’t have to at this year’s all-night party. Playhouse is the theme, and celebrations are planned to provoke child-like enthusiam.

Entertainment Week Listings

Monday, April 16 IN THE SPOTLIGHT Who : Default, Templar Where : WSSF Mainstage When : 3 p.m. See Sunday’s listings. Who : Keller Williams Where : GLC See article and Tuesday’s listings.

Pique n your interest

The pros and cons of social conscience

Entertainment Weekend Listings

FONT FACE="Times" SIZE=4> Friday, April 13 ON STAGE Who : Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe Where : WSSF Mainstage When : 3 p.m.

County starting to break out of Whistler

The Battle of the Bands, New Music West and a cross country tour – three firsts for Whistler’s favourite hometown boys, Whole Damn County.