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Whistler BizBeat: 122 West

Pique’s new series profiling local businesses and their employees who go above and beyond
122 West co-owner Adele Horn.

Welcome to BizBeat, Pique’s newest web series profiling Whistler businesses and their employees who go above and beyond.

Each week, we will profile another resort employer and one of their staff, who have each agreed to answer the same questionnaire that has been sent to businesses and employees across the community.

This week it's 122 West, the Creekside interior design, furniture and gift store. We hear from co-owner Adele Horn, before a Q&A tomorrow with star employee Sydney Jackson. 

The following interview has been lightly edited for grammar and clarity. 

Pique: Describe your business and the products/services it provides, as well as when it launched.

Ben and I purchased the business in 2019 after relocating from Australia with our two daughters. We have recently expanded to a new location in Creekside. We offer a large selection of furniture, décor and have one of the largest interior design studios in Whistler.

What do you like the most about doing business in Whistler?

I love being part of the Whistler community and knowing the majority of my customers by name. We have such a great team that we have the pleasure of working alongside, which includes employees from all over the world.

What do you like the least about doing business in Whistler? 

It is frustrating that many locals believe they should go to Vancouver to get the best deal and are usually surprised that we can offer great prices and even better service locally. Most customers don’t know that we have a large warehouse in Function Junction full of extra stock and we also have our own in-house delivery team.

If you were mayor for a day, what single policy would you implement in Whistler to best support local businesses?

Remove the red tape for permits, as it really doesn’t encourage progress and improvement to the properties in Whistler. It can be a very frustrating process during a renovation.

What’s a memorable moment or customer from your time doing business in Whistler?

We had a family from England purchase their Whistler home and we had the pleasure of completely furnishing the home, right down to the flatware in the kitchen. It is so rewarding to see the transformation of a property through décor and furnishings.

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