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Maxed Out

It's a guy thing

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day." George Carlin As hobbies or pastimes go, I guess fishing is no stranger than any other.

Flying has absolutely no redeeming features.

By G.D. Maxwell Having once stepped foot on a commercial airline this summer and survived, I am now left to ponder the unpleasantness of what can only be described as a daunting, unprecedented future.

Flying the friendly skies

I do not consider myself a violent person, indeed not even a particularly angry person. But I have a deep pool of empathy whenever I hear a story about air rage.

The glory of a local brouhaha

Oh, it must have been glorious. Messy, confrontational, sensationally democratic, Tuesday evening’s council meeting had all the promise of a classic small town dust up.

In spring a young private eye’s thoughts turn to…

By J.J. Geddyup It was raining in Tiny Town. A steady, persistent, rain somewhere between drizzle and deluge. An ornery rain that had overstayed its welcome, like some tiresome politician trying to grind out one more vote in a pointless election.

Fear not, Secret Plan X is coming

Right on, Hugh! In the closing days of the battle for the Alamo – a Catholic mission near San Antonio in what was then Mexican territory and what is now Texas – General Santa Anna, leading a force of Mexican troops vastly outnumbering the c

Getting exercised over democracy

By G.D. Maxwell Hey Boys and Girls, it’s time for another Exercise in Democracy here in Lotusland.

Build a better tourist trap and the world…

I have come to terms, yes, even embraced living in a tourist town.

The (inside) Whistler Story

By G.D.

Skiing from an alien-nation perspective

Imagine an anthropologist from, say, the planet Marengue, secretly visiting Whistler to observe the habits and rituals of the indigenous society.