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Maxed Out

Flying the friendly skies

I do not consider myself a violent person, indeed not even a particularly angry person. But I have a deep pool of empathy whenever I hear a story about air rage.

The glory of a local brouhaha

Oh, it must have been glorious. Messy, confrontational, sensationally democratic, Tuesday evening’s council meeting had all the promise of a classic small town dust up.

In spring a young private eye’s thoughts turn to…

By J.J. Geddyup It was raining in Tiny Town. A steady, persistent, rain somewhere between drizzle and deluge. An ornery rain that had overstayed its welcome, like some tiresome politician trying to grind out one more vote in a pointless election.

Fear not, Secret Plan X is coming

Right on, Hugh! In the closing days of the battle for the Alamo – a Catholic mission near San Antonio in what was then Mexican territory and what is now Texas – General Santa Anna, leading a force of Mexican troops vastly outnumbering the c

Getting exercised over democracy

By G.D. Maxwell Hey Boys and Girls, it’s time for another Exercise in Democracy here in Lotusland.

Build a better tourist trap and the world…

I have come to terms, yes, even embraced living in a tourist town.

The (inside) Whistler Story

By G.D.

Skiing from an alien-nation perspective

Imagine an anthropologist from, say, the planet Marengue, secretly visiting Whistler to observe the habits and rituals of the indigenous society.

In case you missed it

By G.D. Maxwell What a week. First winter arrives bringing one of this season’s rare opportunities to catch what many of us fondly remember as "powder skiing.

It's the people, stupid

By G.D. Maxwell I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to culture lately.