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Maxed Out

Whistler, it’s for you

"Rrriiinnnng. Rrriiinnnng" "Tourism Whistler Central Reservations. Dave speaking. How can I help you?" "Yeah, hi Dave.

An early start on a Christmas wish list

Dear Santa: Forgive me if my letter seems particularly early this year. When I saw Second Cup’s ads in the newspapers encouraging people to order their holiday gift baskets I thought I’d waited too long.

The dogs of war taste blood

Some minutes before six, morning was just beginning to wash the sky colours of false dawn: soft pastel pinks, faded transparent blues, promising yellows.

Too much of a good thing

Hear that? Listen more closely. Now do you hear it? That, my friends, is the sound of summer slammin’ shut.

The right tool, and tax, for the job

When the only tool you own is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That?s a famous saying. It?s probably Chinese. Every famous saying seems to be Chinese.

Lessons on television

I had a fawning crush on my first teacher.

Greek drama in the summer sky

Orion, the hunter in Greek and Roman mythology, was a giant of a man. Of course, during the time of Orion, anything over five feet five would have been considered a giant of a man, Cyclops notwithstanding.

Them’s mincing words

Words are so weird it’s a wonder any clear idea ever gets communicated using them. This, of course, is a terrible admission for someone who writes words and gets paid for it to make but perhaps familiarity has bred contempt.

How you dispel relief

The sun was high in the sky last Friday, though clearly further south along the Earth’s tilt than it was a month ago.

Killing the Golden Goose: Part II

After the US Civil War, carpetbaggers from the North descended on the South like Christians invading Infidels during the Holy Crusades. It was all about plunder, wealth and power.