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E-mail scammers

You have to hand it to all the e-mail fraud artists out there – they’re getting better.

This week's letters

Re: "Nebbeling supports Intrawest’s plans for Pemberton airport" (Pique, Aug.

Preparing for winter

Summer is unofficially over. The calendar may say there is another week or so of summer to play with but everyone knows in their heart that the third long weekend of the summer, Labour Day, is also the end of summer.

The new iMac, aliens and too much bass may be bad for the lungs

The next generation of Apple’s popular iMac line of computers was released last week, to the joy of technogeeks everywhere. The first generation was an all-in-one bubble, with five bubble colours to choose from.

This Week's Letters

I applaud the residents of the Upper Squamish Valley and their refusal to continue to participate in Ledcor’s dance for control of the Ashlu River Canyon.

Watching the family next door

It is perhaps a sign of modern times that many of us live next door to someone we hardly know, or even if we know them to say hello, we have difficulty understanding them or what goes on in their household.

Back to school

I haven’t been enrolled in school since 1997, and although I never thought it was possible, part of me misses it.

This week's letters

Re: the proposed Ashlu Hydro Project The Ashlu River Canyon is a unique place. It is currently the target of a company that wants to turn it into a power project.

Province’s resort strategy will be put to test in next few months

They are registering protesters for a rally this weekend. No, not in New York; the Republican convention doesn’t start until next week.

Supporting athletes online

Every two to four years, Canadian editorial pages are filled with calls to increase funding and support for our national athletes. Every two to four years the population agrees, overwhelmingly supporting additional funding for sports and athletes.
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