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Tourism and the airline industry, part II

A study done last year by Whistler-based Ecosign Mountain Resort Planners found that approximately 60 per cent of total skier visits to Whistler-Blackcomb came by way of airline travel. The study further found that about 30 per cent of B.C.’s 6.

Bridging the digital divide in B.C.

Since 2002, more than 47 new communities in B.C. have been wired for broadband Internet, and more than 65 communities will be added this year. By 2007, high-speed Internet should be available everywhere in B.C.

This weeks letters

Rethink Pemberton logging Dear Ms.

I Am Multinational

Pique Newsmagazine just got a new toilet. One of those water saving, two-flush jobbies that are all the rage in water-strapped European countries.

They’ve got your number

Go to from anywhere outside the U.S. and you’ll be immediately directed to one of their international editions – and because CNN still hasn’t figured out the difference between Canada and the U.K.

Tourism and the airline industry, part 1

Next week Premier Gordon Campbell is expected to announce the Squamish campus of Capilano College will become a centre for leadership and innovation in tourism education and training.

So happy together

In the wild, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Matsushita (Panasonic), Warner Brothers and Walt Disney Company are sworn enemies, locked in a life and death struggle for market dominance.

This week's letters

This letter was addressed to J. Walter Cowlard, R.P.F. of Weyerhaeuser. A copy was forwarded to Pique Newsmagazine.

Road warriors abdicating responsibilities

One of the many paradoxes of Whistler is that when given the chance most of us are eager to tell others how long we have lived here – longer apparently being better – as if that gives us some special status.

Join the Tour

Although most people are watching this year’s Tour de France to see if Lance Armstrong can make history by winning his sixth consecutive title, I’m more impressed by the way his team, U.S.
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