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A new asian specialty café is now open inside this luxurious Whistler spa

Lotus Lounge offers homemade bubble tea in a variety of new and traditional flavours
Pictured here is the owner of Lotus Spa and Lounge, Julie Wahono (right), and her daughter Dewi Wahono, who operates the new bubble tea shop inside the spa. Photo via Lotus Spa & Lounge.

A new Whistler bubble tea shop has opened inside the Lotus Spa & Lounge.

The new business is a partnership between local entrepreneur Julie Wahono, who has owned the spa in its current location since 2004, and her daughter, Dewi.

“There has been loads of demand to have more exotic flavours and desserts in Whistler,” Dewi says.

“Being an Asian family, we’ve always grown up drinking bubble tea. It was a treat going to the city to buy it. It’s a great drink that has gained a lot of popularity in the past three years.”

The summer months in Whistler bring a unique opportunity to create seasonal business, which is what inspired Wahono and Dewi to launch the new partnership this summer.

“I love Whistler, and it’s great to run something for the community,” Dewi says.

To celebrate and invite local residents to the new bubble tea shop, The Lotus Lounge is offering a $2 discount on drinks for all Whistler locals.

“It is really nice to do something collaborative with my mom,” Dewi says.

“I take a lot of pride in it and use a lot of great ingredients. I’m really proud of how it’s going and the quality of the products that we serve.”

In addition to classic Asian bubble tea flavours such as taro and milk tea, Lotus Lounge also offers a lot of different varieties of bubble tea, including a breadth of fruit teas made with real fruit juice.

“We add a lot of actual fruit juice which makes them taste better and fresher,” Dewi says.

So far, the bubble tea business has been an enjoyable learning experience for Dewi and a fun opportunity to work in collaboration with her mother. While she plans to return to school in the fall, she intends to stay in Whistler as long as possible to ensure the business is on sure footing to re-open the following summer.

“This summer has taught me a lot more about running a business and having my mom as a mentor. It was a lot harder than it seemed, but it’s been great to work with family and do something that we really enjoy,” Dewi says.

“We take a lot of pride in buying good ingredients and finding the best suppliers to bring an enjoyable treat to Whistler.”

To learn more about Whistler Bubble Tea, visit