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Whistler trainer advocates for physical activity at any age

Andy Robinson helps clients of all abilities keep moving to live their best lives

In over 20 years of practice, Whistler strength and conditioning coach Andy Robinson has seen first-hand the benefits of physical activity.

“Moving keeps you physically strong, happy and healthy,” he says.

“If you’re moving every day, you’re winning. That’s my mantra. You don’t have to lift the biggest weights or climb the highest mountain, but if you get out there every day, you’ll have a better quality of life.”

Robinson, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Musculoskeletal Therapy and is also a Registered Massage Therapist, runs a five-day a week bootcamp in Whistler while also providing individual treatment sessions.

He uses his years of experience as well as formal training to ensure all movements and exercises are tailored to his client’s abilities. Robinson specializes in rehabilitation and good movement so his clients can stay healthy and active.

“If you’ve had an injury and you’re coming from physical therapy, keeping the momentum is important,” Robinson explains.

However, contrary to what some might think, Robinson’s boot camp is far from a torture session for clients but rather focuses on movement to keep them healthy and active.

“It is a boot camp of movement. I’m not trying to break you every session. My goal is to get you fit and strong and get you where you want to be in life,” he says.

That means focus on real strength and “not your beach muscles.”

“I help my clients move well and get strong. I believe training and treatment should be affordable for all and price myself accordingly,” he continues.

It’s clear from Robinson’s past accolades that his methods have resonated with clients, earning him the esteemed title of Pique Best of Whistler, Best Trainer for three years in a row.

“I feel incredibly proud and privileged to have won those awards,” he says.

“They picked me out of all the trainers in town, and there are so many here and so many good ones. It humbles me. It really does.”

For more information about boot camp and training, call 604 902 7766, email [email protected], or visit