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National organization helps young entrepreneurs get their dreams off the ground

Futurpreneur provides support tools for aspiring business owners in the Sea-to-Sky region
algn 1
ALGN Whistler is supported by Futurpreneur’s Startup Program. Photo by ALGN Whistler.

Calling all aspiring business owners in the Sea-to-Sky Region, ages 18 to 39.

If you’re seeking financing, support tools, and mentoring suited for every stage of your business, look no further than Futurpreneur, a national organization that has been helping young entrepreneurs succeed for 25 years.

“We support the young entrepreneurs that we all want to see thrive,” senior business development manager Nicola Jones-Crossley says.

Business loans offered from Futurpreneur range from a minimum of $5,000 up to a maximum of $60,000 to help offset start-up costs and include enrollment in the organization’s mentorship program.

“The entrepreneur is matched with a mentor for a two-year commitment to help the business and entrepreneur survive and thrive as their business develops,” Jones-Crossley says.

“There are always unforeseen challenges that come up, and a mentor can help navigate them.”

In addition to financing, Futurpreneur offers educational resources such as business plan development tools, free workshops, business planning and funding support, as well as access to an entrepreneur in residence who is available to help with questions and concerns.

Two Whistler businesses that have successfully worked with Futurpreneur recently include ALGN Whistler, a destination dance experience studio, and BReD, an organic sourdough bread bakery.

Both business owners received financing from Futurpreneur, which was used in part to create their dream spaces for their businesses.

In the case of ALGN, Futurpreneur’s financial support ensured that the studio owner was able to install sprung flooring, a special type of flooring that absorbs shock to give the floor a softer feel and to help reduce injury to dancers.

“Having that specific flooring was really key for Amelie’s space and the Futurpreneur financing helped get her there,” Jones-Crossley says.

In addition to young entrepreneurs, Futurpreneur is always on the hunt for seasoned business owners who are willing to share their expertise as mentors.

“Working as a mentor can be such a rewarding experience that can give you a new perspective on your own business,” Jones-Crossley says.

“I’ve seen mentors develop amazing relationships with entrepreneurs they support that continue on after that official mentorship has ended,” she adds.

To learn more, visit or contact Nicola Jones-Crossley directly at