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Reach a wider audience with a combined print and digital presence

Pique Newsmagazine helps advertisers target a wider audience of readers and get their business message out

Imagine you have a packed theatre with an audience anxious to hear you perform, and you decide to sing to just one side of the seats.

No performer who wants to be a success would ever consider ignoring a significant part of their audience.

It’s a similar story for advertisers wanting to deliver their message about their business or service.

They should be targeting a wide audience of readers—the ones who consume their information from traditional newsprint, as well as today’s digital platforms.

That’s the balanced approach Pique Newsmagazine offers its clients.

“We’ve always been a strong print publication, and have a lot of advertisers who trust us and market themselves in our newspaper,” says Sarah Strother, publisher of Pique Newsmagazine and president of Whistler Publishing.

“But for many years, we have also had a very strong presence with our website which attracts a significant number of readers.”

On average, Pique Newsmagazine’s website has 550,000 stories read each month.

Part of that includes sponsored content—specially produced stories that put the spotlight on a local service or business.

 “Many of our clients have engaging stories to tell that fall outside of our newsroom’s editorial coverage. Advertorial is an alternative that works well for them.”

“And once clients understand it’s a simple and easy to adopt process, they are excited to be on our digital platform,” Strother says, “because we are living in a digital age and that’s a way many readers consume news.

“Plus, our clients know we are trusted—Pique is a solid brand and has been for many years throughout Whistler. So, they feel good about being on our site and working with us to promote them.”

In addition to posting website-based advertising content, Pique has recently been delivering a daily, digital newsletter to subscribers.

“That is effective in reaching readers and presents another opportunity for advertisers to get their message out.”

Pique also provides social media marketing tools to help get their clients’ material noticed.

“We have effective bundling packages and can assist with things like recruitment needs online, which, for employers in the competitive Whistler area, is important,” Strother says.

And since Whistler is a high profile, tourist destination, using a digital platform is an effective method to reach far beyond the local market.

“Any client who isn’t using our digital services as part of their marketing package is missing an essential piece of their audience,” Strother says. “It really is important to do both print and digital marketing.”

For more information about how Pique Newsmagazine can help craft and present your message online, visit

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