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Update your kitchen while saving time and money

Lonetree Installation Services helps customers cut costs on kitchen renovations by doing kitchen re-faces instead.
Lonetree Installation Services can transform your kitchen in one work day.

Jeff Venos, the owner of Lonetree Installation Services, says he is in the transformation business, specializing in renovating kitchens.

But what he also transforms are the faces of his customers, as any looks of apprehension and anxiety they may have when he starts a job, are replaced with smiles as he and his crew finish giving a home a fresh and updated look—at a fraction of the price of a wholesale renovation.

“I have been doing construction my whole life and what I am doing now is kitchen re-faces,” says Venos, whose service area stretches from Whistler to the Fraser Valley.

“So, instead of totally gutting a kitchen and taking weeks and costing thousands of dollars, we take the old, outdated visible surfaces off and put new ones on.”

Generally, customers can save around 50 per cent of what it would cost to entirely replace kitchen cabinets.

That’s a considerable reduction, but what customers are also saving is time.

“We pull into the driveway at 8:30 in the morning, and by 5 p.m., the customer has a brand new looking kitchen,” Venos says. “Entirely gutting a kitchen can take about a month of inconvenience and a big budget. When the bones of your kitchen, the cabinets are in good condition, and all you really need is an updated look, that can be done much quicker and with far less intrusion.”

Think of it as a makeover, rather than plastic surgery.

“It’s a popular option, especially in the Whistler area now where a lot of properties have that 1980s, woodsy look with colours that are now outdated,” Venos says.

“Most people today are looking for a fresher look with brighter, light colours and cleaner lines with Shaker-style doors.

“They like that look, but don’t want to necessarily pay the premium to get it done.”

Re-facing is also a good option when the kitchen footprint, especially in a condo, cannot be altered much. The process to replace cabinet facings is quick and easy.

After a previous visit to measure the doors and any cabinet side panels that need changing, Venos and his crew come in a short time later and exchange the old for the new.

“Sometimes, customers also want to add in new countertops, which can complete the renovation look,” Venos says. “We can do that, too. But in some cases, that may add an extra day, especially if it requires some additional plumbing work.”

But the results are worth it.

“Finishing a job is gratifying because when the customer walks in they say, ‘Wow, what a change!’” Venos adds.

“That’s rewarding when we get that kind of response.”

For more information about how Lonetree Installation Services can update your home quickly and professionally, visit