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Vancouver lawyer’s competitive nature key to representing clients

Tony draws on his competitive nature when immersed in cases dealing with personal injury and estate litigation.
In a roundabout way, Tony says the realm of sports influenced him to make law a career. Image: Supplied

In the arena of law, it's always good to have a representative who is ready, capable, and willing to "go into the corners" and battle to uphold your rights.

Tony Eden does exactly this.

An Associate at Hammerco Lawyers in Vancouver and former NCAA scholarship recipient for ice hockey, Tony draws on his competitive nature when immersed in cases dealing with personal injury and estate litigation.

"In a roundabout way, the realm of sports influenced me to make law a career," says Eden, who completed an undergraduate degree in literature at UBC, and then studied law at the University of London at Queen Mary College. "I grew up playing hockey and enjoyed the competitive aspect of the game in the same way I enjoy that in practicing law.

"In both cases, there is a singular target for success and I rely on my skills, knowledge and experiences to win.

"I thrive on the wins I make for my clients and the positive impacts it has on their personal lives."

He also enjoys helping people.

"At Hammerco, we provide powerful legal solutions for clients we believe in. I only act on the plaintiff side for personal injury cases because I want to assist people in getting the compensation they are due when they have suffered in an event," Eden says.

"Plus, on the plaintiff's side, you are aiding people and not representing an impersonal entity, a corporation or business, such as an insurance firm."

He says it's a similar situation when it comes to his preference to work on estate litigation cases.

"I tend not to work with large companies," Eden says. "My clients are almost always individuals." In those cases, Eden takes the time to invest in his clients' issues so he can form compelling arguments on their behalf.

"More often than not, with estate litigation, it's a lifetime of familial struggles," he says. "I and my entire team at Hammerco pride ourselves on providing clear, smart and intuitive solutions for our clients. With that deep commitment to achieving our client’s success, comes a significant amount of satisfaction when we reach a successful conclusion of a case in the form of a good and fair settlement or award for our clients.”

"It's always good to know you have achieved something for the benefit of someone else."

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