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Whistler ice caves offer an other-worldly destination

Discover some of the most fascinating scenery in the region
Head-Line Mountain Holidays offers tours to the ice caves.

Doug Washer loves creating awe-inspiring experiences.

It’s something he’s done for more than three decades in the Whistler region by taking visitors to see the grandeur of the local scenery.

One of the major destinations his luxury tour company—Head-Line Mountain Holidays—transports them to,  is a vast ice cap on the door step to Whistler .

“It’s a 320-square-kilometre ice cap, probably the largest, southernmost temperate latitude ice cap in the world,” Washer says. “And by its nature it’s a massive ice field with jagged peaks, tuyas (flat-top volcanoes) and associated features, like the amazing ice caves, that are out-of-this-world fascinating.”

Guests with Head-Line are flown by helicopter from Whistler to the ice cap, then shuttled by snowmobile and snowbuggies (track equipped ATVs) to tour the ice caves.

“Going up there, it’s an exhilarating experience,” Washer says. “The short helicopter flight alone takes you through some incredible scenery. Then, you jump on the snowmobiles and snowbuggies and begin a unique adventure to discover some of the most fascinating scenery you are likely to ever witness.”

At the forefront are the ice caves that reveal themselves as massive, shimmering blue, translucent domes when you enter.

They present an otherworldly backdrop perfect for that adventure destination trip, or another special occasion.

“Guests can customize their visit,” Washer says, adding many have done surprise marriage proposals, while others have staged a full wedding ceremony in an ice cave. “Those are usually small events with just a few people that we call a Heli-Sledding-Wedding.”

Outside on the ice fields, you can also use spotting scopes to observe wildlife that traverse through the region.

“If you’re fortunate you may just see, way in the distance, a huge grizzly bear trotting across the ice field,” Washer says.

As well, meals can be packed along for a trip, and even a full-blown BBQ can be served on the ice field.

While COVID-19 health restrictions have limited visitors from further afield, Head-Line has adjusted to provide a virtual visit to showcase the region.

“We offer what we call Simu-Live Experiences,” Washer explains. “We go up and video record a customized interpretive tour of the ice caves that, for example, can be shown during a break in a client’s online meeting with staff.

“That way, we can bring entertainment, knowledge and experience to the colleagues who work together, while also taking the dullness out of another Zoom meeting, injecting it with some inspiration to travel later with a taste of what they can experience when travel opens up again,” Washer says.

For more information about Head-Line Mountain Holidays, the amazing places they can take you, and its new and convenient VIP - On-Call Program that groups visitors for optimum travel dates, visit their website at