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Whistler joiner and cabinetmaker can make your custom cabinet dreams come true

Get unique cabinetry for your home that’s made locally
Bill Bagnall, owner of William’s Joinery, with his dog, Lola.

Whether it’s a custom kitchen, a bathroom vanity, a luxury wine cellar, or the perfect dining room table, William’s Joinery can turn your imagination into reality.

“I can build anything people want. There’s not anything I can’t build,” owner Bill Bagnall says.

Bagnall is a fifth-generation craftsperson who started working in cabinetry when he was 16.

A certified joiner and cabinetmaker, Bagnall moved to Whistler from his home country of Australia in the mid-1990s.

After a year spent working in the ski industry, Bagnall returned to his craft. He’s now been operating in the Sea to Sky Corridor for over 20 years, making the finest custom kitchen and cabinets in Western Canada.

Bagnall works closely with his clients, determining exactly how his work can meet their needs. In the planning stages, Bagnall will sketch a design right in front of his clients for their immediate feedback.

“I try to meet all the clients I work for directly. Whether they’re in Europe or somewhere else in the world, I try to meet most of them to get a feel for the client,” Bagnall says.

“We don’t just do a prefabricated cabinet. We custom make pieces to their exact specifications, and how they like their storage to work.”

For those who might not have a clear vision of what they’d like their custom work to look like, Bagnall can help guide them by suggesting designs and showing images from his extensive library of photos of past projects.

“I love working with people to design, build, and finalize something that they actually want,” Bagnall says.

Seeking out custom work from William’s Joinery also has the advantage of supporting a local small business while getting a unique piece that is the perfect fit for your home.

“When you shop local and deal directly with a local artisan, you get exactly what you want,” Bagnall says.

“Especially if you want something different, you’re getting something from a custom workshop that’s made locally.”

Contact William’s Joinery for your renovation project today by visiting

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