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Today in History and Celebrity Birthdays


Today in Music History for July 26: In 1938, R&B singer-songwriter Bobby Hebb, who wrote and recorded the 1966 pop classic "Sunny," was born to blind parents in Nashville, Tenn. At the height of "Sunny" popularity, he toured with "The Beatles.


Today in Music History for July 27: In 1920, Henry D. "Homer" Haynes of the country comedy duo of "Homer and Jethro" was born. His partnership with Jethro (born Kenneth C. Burns) lasted 39 years -- from 1932 until Homer's death in 1971.


Today in History for July 27: On this date: In 1606, the first permanent French colony in Canada was established at Port Royal, N.S.


Today in History for July 24: On this date: In 1216, Cencio Savelli was consecrated Pope Honorius III. During his 11-year pontificate, he confirmed two well-known religious orders: the Dominicans in 1216 and the Franciscans in 1223.


Today in History for July 26: On this date: In 1603, James VI of Scotland was crowned King James I of England.


Today in History for July 23: On this date: In 1621, the Virginia colony was granted the New World's first written constitution. In 1767, the Prince Edward Island land lottery was held in London, England.


Today in Music History for July 25: In 1874, "The Maple Leaf Forever," one of Canada's most famous patriotic songs, was said to have been performed for the first time during the laying of the foundation stone for the Christian Baptist Church in Newma


Today in History for July 25: On this date: In 325, the Council of Nicea closed. Regarded as the first ecumenical council, its 300 attending bishops drafted the Nicene Creed and fixed the formula for Easter Sunday.


Today in History for July 22: On this date: In 1582, England's first newspaper, the "English Mercurie," began publication. (The newspaper was later claimed to be a literary hoax written by the second Earl of Hardwicke.


Today in Music History for July 24: In 1725, John Newton, an English slave ship's captain, was born. He was converted to Christianity at age 22, and entered the Anglican ministry.