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Ali Milner kills it on Cover Me Canada

Whistler singer safe for another week after performance of Crash Test Dummies’ “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”

Whistler's Ali Milner gave the performance of the night on CBC's singing contest  Cover Me Canada, Sunday .

Based on the judges reactions alone, her performance was one of the highlights, if not the highlight, of the evening, covering the Crash Test Dummies' "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm."

Milner swapped the morose balladry of the original for a more uplifting country-tinged, um, ballad that, as usual, showcased her oh-so-sultry vocals that had the judges buzzing.

"Best remake of the night, if you ask me," said judge Jordan McKnight. "It's such a hard song to interpret and you did it so, so well, it put me in a trance."

"You made a believer out of me with that song," said judge (and token diva) Deborah Cox. She praised Milner for the tone of her voice, the "little inflections" of that voice and her bands' arrangement for the song.

Ron Fair, the competition's resident hard ass, called it a "very clever arrangement" and "proved the point of Cover Me Canada ."

So even though immunity went to fellow B.C. contestant Georgia Murray (what's up with that , Whistler?), Milner is safe for another week based on her talent.

The Simpson Brothers were the second act to be booted off.

To vote for Ali Milner and help her secure immunity for the next episode, visit

Oh yeah and, we learned a little bit about Milner's father, Councilor Ted Milner. In a video clip showing her rehearsal of this week's song, Ali told a story about how her father would listen to Crash Test Dummies in the car on drives between Whistler and Vancouver. So, the plot thickens for Councillor Milner. Does this impact your vote? I know it does mine.