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An unsettling incident

LETTER: For the week of Feb. 7

A PSA to all young women out there: Last week, my daughter and her friend shared a taxi home from another friend's house in the late evening.

After dropping her friend off, my daughter (who is in high school) continued on. During this portion of the ride, the taxi driver (allegedly) began making extremely lewd and inappropriate sexually suggestive comments.

This upset my daughter and she decided to ask the driver to let her out. She proceeded to walk the rest of the way and arrived home very upset and disturbed by the encounter.

I immediately notified the taxi company, which advised me to call back the next day after 4:00 p.m. to speak to a manager.

In the morning, I notified the RCMP, which actually took the matter seriously and sent a constable to take a report. Thank you to the RCMP for its quick response and especially the constable for his consideration and follow up.

This matter is now in the hands of the RCMP and the company involved. Though it is likely not much will come of this particular incident, at least a report has been filed.

Regardless of age, we should all have the peace of mind that taking a taxi home is a safe source of transportation.

I know there are a lot of good guys driving taxis here in Whistler who are working hard and assisting their customers in getting home safely. We are grateful to each of them.

This particular driver should be held accountable.

Be safe out there, and please report any inappropriate behaviour.

Take good care of yourselves and each other.

Karly Stephens